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5/10/13 2:28 A

Sounds like my kind of blog. This is my first day and I will make sure that I exercise today because this will make me accountable emoticon

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5/9/13 7:23 P

I started a thread "looking for a friend...need a check in pal". There's a small group of us there that check in daily (more or less). We not only talk about what we've done to eat well and be active, but offer support in overcomming the road-blocks that life throws up for each of us.
You are welcome to join us!
look further down in this forum on the list of threads. :)

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5/9/13 6:36 P

I've tried so many times to eat healthy and keep on an exercise plan, but I always give up because I have nobody motivating me and supporting me.
I'd like a friend to push me and help me do my best.

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