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4/15/09 4:14 P

Wow congrats!! That's a lot of stuff, my expo was full of brides and grooms (surprisingly). I have no idea who won what.
That's great, maybe you should check into some others, no telling what else you could win.

JESYLANE88 Posts: 96
4/15/09 3:02 P

My mom and grandmother went to a bridal expo on a day i worked and put my name down on a bunch of things, I won a bottle of champagne, a digital camera, and Zoom teeth whitening! I'm so excited and that was from 1 expo. I need to get out there and do more!!

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
4/2/09 9:08 A


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4/1/09 5:53 P

I just wanted to thank WCOL7780 from the bottom of my heart. I visited that website, and i'm the April Cake Topper winner of the month. This site is great!!


MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
3/25/09 9:20 A

Seriously I feel like a broken record, but if you google some of these phrases "discount wedding" "free wedding" etc, you really do get some fantastic results. Sometimes you have to wade through some junk though...

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3/24/09 4:54 P

That's really cool. I have never heard of such a thing. I find myself to be a bit unlucky. I am however getting married in October, any other useful suggestions for free stuff?

HKSNB1 Posts: 23
3/24/09 10:52 A

oh thanks, i won a couple of thing at our wedding expos. at one i won a free dress and a free tux, and at the other i won 25% off my catering and a two night stay at a lodge!!!

3/24/09 9:12 A

Congrats! I'll see if I win it too!

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
3/24/09 9:10 A

Nice job. We're not doing a topper, but good luck to everyone else

MRSHOLLIS08 Posts: 92
3/23/09 8:35 P

i went to alot of wedding expos and got alot of free stuff our champagne glasses were free and they were engraved with our names

WCOL7780 Posts: 1
3/23/09 3:02 P

I finally won something in my life. I found this website on CafeMom that gives away cake toppers every month! I was skeptical at first but registered anyway. Lord and behold I got an email that said I won. The cake topper was beautiful and custom made. I thought I share this with you guys because you might be lucky like me.

This is the website:

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