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3/1/13 1:42 A

1 March - I squeezed in my workout in the morning slot. Got it done. Yay!!!

VIDYARP Posts: 256
2/18/13 10:39 P

Anotherday started on the good note - i did my workout in the morning :)

VIDYARP Posts: 256
2/18/13 1:53 A

As i celebrated my 38th Birthday, i realized that everyday is a blessing and everyday brings a hope for new beginings and new opportunities. Why do i have to cling to my past beliefs that i may not be able to do anything. I can and i will do what it takes to make me happy. And i do know for a fact that working out early in the morning / first thing in the morning actually sets the tone for the day on a high note. With that one thing done, i feel like a winner and like a person who can get things done.

So here;s a woohoo to my morning routine. I love it

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2/10/13 11:08 P

I do realize that life is not perfect and we dont always get to choose everything our way. There are slip ups and glitches ...and there are small victories and celebrations....they all come together to form what we call life. So there's no denying the bad with the good...the rai with the sun...the darkness with the light.
So...even if i didnt get a complete 31 day streak for morning workouts...i sure do try to make today a day to start new. Because today will never come again. And if i get my workout done in the matter what happens during the day...i know that there is at least one thing that went my way...and i can be proud of it.

Proud to say that i got my workout done - TODAY! emoticon

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1/24/13 11:00 P

Ok - so i have a MAJOR problem getting up early in the morning. I work till 11PM and hit the sack by 11:30 and have to wake up by 5:30AM to get the family up and get ready myself to go to work....every night i say to myself - "I'll wake up just half an hour earlier to get my work out done" And that never happens emoticon

I've been beating myself up over this for quite a while now. But i think i have figured a way - if morning doesnt work out for me...and given that i work till late in the evening...i need to find time in bits and pieces over the course of the day. I may not get a big 60 mins chunk of time for exercise...but i can surely sqeeze in 10 minutes here and there....
I know this may not be the ideal situation and i must accept that this would probably be the case for the rest of my i need to adapt to reality and re-plan accordingly.
Hope this works.

BTW i just did a short burst of power walking in my office loo for 10 minis. It makes me happy emoticon

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1/18/13 12:06 P

I typically get my exercising done in the morning as well, I find that if I don't, I don't seem to make time later that day. Keep pushing, you can do it!

VIDYARP Posts: 256
1/15/13 11:32 P

Ok so here's to a new start:

Jan 16: N
jan 17: N
Jan 18: N emoticon
Jan 19:
Jan 20:
Jan 21:
Jan 22:
Jan 23:
Jan 24:
Jan 25:
Jan 26:
Jan 27:
Jan 28:
Jan 29:
Jan 30:
Jan 31:

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