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I'm almost 22 years old. My whole life my parents have known that I would need to be able to watch my weight (because I have never been one of those skinny girls) and since I was in middle school they have encouraged me to eat healthy and exercise. My dad has always been very fit and my mom has always worked out but never anything as extreme as my dad has. My mom and I have done several "diets" in the past. We have both needed to watch ourselves but we haven't ever been technically overweight although I may have just touched that category when I started this lifestyle change. On our diets, yes I lost weight and did keep it off for a while but it was never really a lifestyle change for me. Until a month and a half ago. It all sank in... All my life my parents have done generally healthy cooking. Are we perfect? no way. Did I enjoy pizzas, fried chicken, and ice cream as a kid? Yes! Did I enjoy chips? nope and I never understood why the other kids got them and I didn't... haha but I realize why now. They taught me and my brother it was all about moderation. When I went to college (I just graduated) I gained weight. I did not have them there to support the healthy lifestyle and with all of the drinking and eating out with friends it is never a good thing for your weight. It is a very easy habit to get into! But being home right now with my parents I want more than ever to cook and eat healthy. Heck I eat better than they do now!

But I guess the main purpose of this message is that if you have kids, teach them healthy habits and moderation of bad food. It may not seem like it is sinking into their heads and for me it took until now in my life to eat really well and start exercising. I think too many parents these days don't teach their kids enough about nutrition and exercise and it can really impact them as individuals throughout their adult lives. I know that I will always be a health conscious person throughout my life and I can only blame my parents for this. My high school advisor once told us that "we shouldn't have to watch our weight because we should be able to enjoy life and eat whatever we wanted." I used to think about that and use it as an excuse to eat something bad. But that is the worst statement ever. Can he explain the childhood obesity epidemic then? Honestly I think schools need to be teaching more nutrition courses and I think it would really help obesity in america. I mean they always start everyone at a young age on not smoking or using drugs but what about overindulging in food? It can be a killer too for some! These are my words of thought for the day and I'm so lucky to have had parents that have shown me how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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