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5/28/13 8:23 P

It may be that your body is craving things that it is used to getting from meat. You want to make sure that you're getting the iron, the B12, the protein, etc. that you need.

When I first went vegetarian, I wasn't very knowledgeable about nutrition. I ended up craving meat; there were a few times that I bought and downed a can of tuna in one go. Once I educated myself and changed things up to ensure that my body was getting what it needed, that didn't happen.

5/28/13 5:06 P

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I was diagnosed with GERDs awhile back and that is definitely a stomach acid issue, which can make it hard to process certain foods. I probably should get tested for other problems such as Celiac Disease. I am borderline anemic and I have really bad allergies (I am even allergic to penicillin) so I think that I should definitely see if I am having a problem with gluten also..........

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5/17/13 7:49 A

This is nice post and specially healthy and vegetarian food accompanied with protein shakes will help burn more calories and fats resulting in a quick and greater weight loss.

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5/17/13 6:37 A

lots of great suggestions, but I think, firstly, you need to see your doctor to see how serious your problem is (and what it is, if they can determine)

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5/17/13 3:34 A

How do you cook your meat? Some methods cause more problems than others.

Have you talked to your Dr about what is happening with meat? If not, I think that THAT would be a good place to start. Perhaps checking out any potential allergy, and also IF you have a Gastroenterologist, then perhaps talking about it with him/her would be advisable, too, rather than just ditching the meat. I know I used to blame roast meals for my really bad acid burn, that at times would virtually cripple me. It turned out to be milk. I didn't associate it with the problem until a few years later. It suddenly dawned on me that when I ate a roast meal, I ALWAYS had a glass of milk - I was blaming the roast :-( After I twigged, checks were done and I was diagnosed dairy-food intolerant. Now I can eat the roasts and not have any problem.


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5/16/13 3:34 P

Hi--I had the same problem and started eating meat by not eating it Fried and then staed on grilled and if I eat meat now it is grilled fish. I do not even like chicken now and no red meat at all because I Live in area and they give them shots and other things and do not want that in my body. maybe I know to much and have seen it so vegtarian and fruits are good for me. Good Luck in all ou try. Joan

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5/16/13 3:19 P

I've only been eating vegetarian for 4 months, so I can say that I think I know what you are feeling--in the beginning I did miss my burgers BUT I realized for the first time about a month ago that I had no desire to eat or even think about meat. It took 3 months to get there, but in that time I learned what satisfied my natural cravings and that healthy fats at every meal helped sustain me. My body now feels fuller with less food, and less heavy food. One CAUTION from personal experience: beware the meatless wonders in the prepackaged "health" and vegan section of the store--the fake chick'n and fake meat strips. I had an allergic reaction after trying various different types for a couple weeks and it affected my breathing, my esophagus, and my eyelids swelled, heart palpitations. Gave up the soy products and a week later I was fine. Other people can tolerate it fine, but I found that eating fresh produce and whole grains are making me feel the best right now. Check out the different conversations about this--and look into vit. b12 or ask your doc about it.

5/16/13 3:06 P

I have been a vegetarian for about 7 years and for me I never had cravings once i stopped
but I honestly think its just because eating meat just wasnt what i was suppose to do
but to start I would try some vegetarian alternatives to help sway cravings
if you like a little spice, the morningstar spicy black bean burger has been the one most of my non-veg friends and family tend to love.
If your a mushroom fan like me, the morningstar mushroom lovers burger is amazing
Over the years I slowed eating the vegetarian alternatives but there have been many times you couldnt name a style meat product i didnt have a substitute for.
So that may be a good option for you if you think you will have a hard time transitioning.

If quitting cold turkey isnt your thing I would just start incorporating vegetarian meals into your diet more and more. It may be easier than you expect.

ANARIE Posts: 13,124
5/16/13 11:44 A

I think it's actually probably more important to find out why you're having these issues. It could be a sign of an allergy or intolerance, or of some digestive problem that needs attention. It might be something that's easy to fix, or it might be something that will get worse if you don't attend to it now.

I'm not exactly a vegetarian because I'll eat meat if someone else buys and cooks it. But I'm pretty much vegetarian at home, and the way I got there was just by trying more and more vegetarian recipes until I found a lot of them that I like. Sometimes it's as easy as making an old favorite without the meat. For example, I started adding more and more vegetables and spices to pizza, pasta sauce, and chili, and eventually I realized I could just leave out the meat. The best way I know of to avoid cravings for any one type of food is to have lots of other good food available.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/16/13 11:34 A

When I first discovered my food allergy, I wanted to eat that food ALL THE TIME. I don't know if it was me wanting to test it (even though it had already been tested and the result was pretty obvious!), or that mental hurdle of "I'll never get to eat this again - so I'll just stuff my face with it now!" I just had to manage it day to day and tell myself "NO. It will make me sick if I eat that. I have to choose something else." Sometimes you just have to use that logic and not allow yourself to get sick.

There are many people that follow a vegetarian diet on this board so you'll get lots of support - there's also a vegetarian group (you don't have to be vegetarian to join, just interested in the lifestyle and food) with a good knowledge base. Good luck.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/16/13 11:04 A

I find that usually when I try to cut anything from my diet, my body seems to crave it for a while.

Use the normal substitutions that vegetarians do for meat. I'm not sure if you are eating fish, but eat that, beans, nuts, anything higher in protein. It is possible that your body isn't craving the meat, but the protein. Also, eggs are an easy choice too!!!

Good luck.

5/16/13 10:22 A

I want to stop eating meat because for some strange reason, I am having serious digestive problems in relation to meat. This started in the summer of 2010 when I developed a serious case of gerds that burned the lining of my esophagus and I have had a hard time eating red meat without upchucking it ever since. Fast forward to now and I am having problems with the poultry. I would rather give up meat then to worry about my body protesting every time I try to eat it, but for some reason I am craving meat, even when I am trying not to eat it. Anyone have any suggestions about how to get rid of meat from your diet and cut down on cravings.....I would certainly appreciate any suggestions.

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