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TMCLEOD4 Posts: 1,673
2/2/12 2:58 P

I just heard something yesterday that people might find helpful. Lose 10% of your body weight in six months. So, if you weight 250 pounds, your goal would be 225 after six months. You can do this over and over. Each time, you would set a goal to lose a little less per week/month (at 225, your goal would be to weigh 202.5 after six more months). This makes sense to me.

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2/2/12 2:32 P

I like the just 10 pounds idea. My current goal is to get below a "0" mark - like 270. My rule is I have to stay below that line for 3 consecutive days for it to "count". If I do that I get to reward myself with something - a mani or pedi, or a new book, music. Something to celebrate that little achievement.

Then I set myself the next "0" mark - like 260. Again and again, until I meet my long term goal. Then I get the big reward of a cruise with my family.

2/2/12 2:27 P

Dr. Oz has a bracket that reads "just 10 pounds."
Now, the idea is to do it again and again, so you are not looking at eating the elephant, but rather lose 10 pounds, then the next 10, until goal.

When we work out, we don't do 100 reps day one, but likely sets of 10.

1/26/12 6:00 A

@J2740LOU: Good words! Let's hope it's sinking in to those who need the help.

J2740LOU SparkPoints: (315,490)
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1/24/12 10:35 P

a.....My answer is Why? Are you a defeatist? Start thinking positive thoughts. They are good for you mentally and physically. When you attain a realistic goal you will be a healthier and a happier you. You will have accomplished something. Life is Good! emoticon one step at a time. Eventually you will attain that goal. Track what you eat, watch choices and portions, and get moving! It's all up to you.

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1/24/12 6:14 P

I admit I do have a giant goal. I want to look amazing next holiday season. Only one other person knows this goal. She is a girl I actually coached in her weight loss journey 10 years ago. She lost 40lbs and has kept it off even with having a baby during this time. I got lost 5 years ago and the consequences show. I think the best, and the worst, thing to happen to me is becoming a fat person. I now know the despair of feeling like a prisoner of my weight. I have made half-hearted attempts at getting healthy and fit again but wanted somebody to 'help' me.

I finally hit my bottom when I tried to wear a pair of shoes I hadn't put on in years. My feet were so fat that they looked like sausages in them. Isn't it funny how weird things push us over the edge? I made a commitment to really do something. 2012 is my year.

I am using Sparks to the fullest. I exercise at least 5 days a week and, although I push myself, I refuse to feel so much pain that I won't get up and do it again the next day. I watch what I eat and faithfully track everything that goes into my mouth. I refuse to hop on the goal wagon. Nothing is going to discourage me because I am not going to measure myself or weigh myself ( I am a fitness coach. Don't I already have a good idea of what I weigh?). When I need smaller clothing, I will buy them and just keep on doing what I know how to do. No pressure. I'm just a tortoise moving toward my goal.

I'm into my third week and I know I can do this. I found that person to 'help' me. It's ME I have the strengh to do this inside of me. I am accountable to me. Anyone else out there where I am? YOU CAN TOO!

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1/24/12 5:47 P

Now that I can type again after seeing the farted butterflies, there is nothing wrong with a little vanity, if it motivates good choices.

You are right, KJ, hat we have to do the work on our own. Some people can do it all, some hire life coaches, some like those crazy no chubbies sort of personal trainers.
I do well with a buddy to kick my butt lightly.

1/10/12 9:20 A


1/4/12 8:23 A

Bumpity bump-bump!

1/3/12 7:43 P

It truely IS a balancing act; set goals too high and there's a chance of failure due to being unrealistic and on the other side is setting a goal too low so that it doesn't seem as important so it may go under-attended (I have experienced thes, too).

Motivation ought to equal the goal. I SO desperately wanted to look in a way where women would give me a second look, YES, it's vain, but so what?!? It worked. I went from a lifetime member of the short, fat bald guy club to serious Bad Ass dude (though I'm still a teddy bear inside).

No one could help me, I had to HELP MYSELF!!!!! (hint-hint for you who say you can't/won't do it on your own).

Do we REALLLLLY need an emoticon or faux message to make us lose weight?

Here, how about some farting butterflies for ya!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/3/12 6:46 P

KJ, you said that it is tough not to set goals so high.
I agree, and after many years learned that I do "get high" on the good intentions (and I do this for all three New Year markings in my family).

It is so easy to decide you will become perfect at whatever cost, while forgetting that we are basically the same people.

So we resolve, break, feel like failures, year after year.
Einstein said that to do the same thing again and again and expect a different outcome was insanity.

I'd like to think that starting or even restarting on Spark People is a sign of breaking the insanity cycle.

again, thanks for the witty post.

TRISSA3 SparkPoints: (9,694)
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1/3/12 1:55 P

I'm all for the "one day at a time" approach. Every day is a clean slate and a new set of possibilities.

1/3/12 11:00 A

It's tough not to set goals so high

1/3/12 6:16 A

Thanks. Yeah, the original thread is sarcastic in nature but it has been my experience that THIS has happened more times than not with a lot of good well-meaning people who really need to lose weight.

Three things to form a habit:
1.) Know WHY to do what you need to do to lose weight (feel good, look good, etc...)
2.) Know WHAT to do to lose weight (eat right, exercise, etc...)
3.) Know HOW to do what needs to be done to lose weight (getting a routine together, read about healthy foods, etc...)

This is from Stephen R. Covey:
"Between stimulus and reponse is a space. In this space lies our freedom to choose our response. In these choices lies our growth and our happiness."

This is MY take on the above:
"Onle WE get to choose what goes into our mouths."

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KAYKAYGETSFIT SparkPoints: (0)
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1/2/12 11:46 P

Thank you! LOL i really needed to read this tonight!

1/2/12 11:41 P

KJ, that was hilarious and frighteningly accurate.

Im a bit high on good intentions, so i'm doing all the planning for meal plans and grocery lists while it is fun. because i wont do a damn bit of it after, oh, Jan 8.

i did put my exercise acoutrements where i cannot miss them, and hid the soda (now on a 2 per week maximum).

Aiming for about five pounds per month.

thanks for the witty and real post.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
1/2/12 4:42 P

I like asking people if they made any New Years Resolutions. Many people do not. Or they'll say why make them they'll just break them. The objective may not always to reach your goals but having something to look forward to as a motivator. For example, 6 years in a row one of my New years Resolution is to make a million dollars in one year. The idea is not to actually reach it but have something to look forward to. And the thought leads me to read motivating inspiring ideas and stories that will lead me to something successful

YOGINIMAMA108 SparkPoints: (34,934)
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1/2/12 10:24 A

The most amazing accomplishments begin with small steps. But it is the every damn day mentality that works. No excuses. Here's to 2012!

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
1/1/12 8:32 P

Goals are great to have and keep you motivated..

Just don't overboard you will have a hard time in your journey. Get people in your life on board.

Have a great new year

ALDY1960 Posts: 23
1/1/12 8:30 P

short term goals help make the long term ones attainable, and as human beings, we seek rewards (whether it's feeling better, getting compliments, fitting into old clothes etc) and attaining small goals gives some of us the needed celebration.

Unobtainable goals can work for type "A" people, but why not set it up so that we celebrate MORE often !

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
1/1/12 7:59 P

Absolutely short realistic goals are the best. In the past I have been able to lose weight but gain it back. So far with Sparkpeople I've learned to stay consistent with my exercise goals and track what I eat. I lose about 1-2 lbs a month but after 3 years I have not gained it back and continue on my journey to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

J2740LOU SparkPoints: (315,490)
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Posts: 3,775
1/1/12 7:48 P

Attainable short term goals are the best. They produce a more positive outlook and you procede one step at a time toward the ultimate goal.

1/1/12 5:29 P

That is very true.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
1/1/12 4:39 P

I increased my mileage on the treadmill 2 miles to 5 miles, 4-6 days a week. after 4 months I lost over 40 pounds I hope I never ever find. Hard work does pay off the way it should. Problem is that i see many people who want the most for the least amount of work. Or let their feelings and emotions get in their way.

1/1/12 4:27 P

Honestly, I am sure we've have set unrealistic weightloss goals at one time or another, I certainly have.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
1/1/12 1:39 A

I hope to lose 7kg by year's end!

12/31/11 11:56 P

All or nothing? That's the story of my life! I have always had a hard time setting goals because the goals were always set FOR me. Or else my goals were always dependent upon other people... mainly my hubby, who changes plans in the blink of an eye. BTW I am so happy to see someone online at this hour on New Year's Eve. I'm lonesome!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,410
12/31/11 11:31 P

I hope this thread will get some to take an honest look at their goals and bring them down to a more realistic level. Unfortunately though as humans we have an all or nothing mentality. I used to do that until I realized it was causing me to fall flat on my face.

12/31/11 10:54 P

You're both correct! You'd be amazed at how folks DO set themselves up for failure. Let's wait & see.....

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,410
12/31/11 7:13 P

I agree small and attainable goals are the best.

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SHERRIE59 SparkPoints: (54,049)
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12/31/11 6:58 P

You are setting up yourself for some major disappointments.

I think you should live each day as it comes along....take on whatever challenges it may bring in a positive light, accept any failure gracefully and learn from it and treat others with utmost courtesy and respect throughout the year and beyond.

Edited by: SHERRIE59 at: 12/31/2011 (19:01)
12/31/11 3:38 P

Please, don't do that. Not for me but for yourself. It's better to set a feasible goal of 3 to 4 pounds loss per month rather than 100+ pounds lost by summer.

The ugly truth is that there IS no shortcut. Counting calories and keeping your daily intake at a manageable range and accepting that you will have good and bad days but only to find out that your bad days are a direct result of haing set UNREALISTIC goals. You like chocolate cake with ice cream? Then HAVE some just be sure to count it in your daily caloric intake. Is cake bad for you? You betcha but denying yourself some guilty pleasures when you're not ready to let them go is bad because then you start to cheat,.....yes, REALLY!

If losing weight was as easy as just setting goals, having cheering/happy emoticons sent to you and saying that this time is for real AIN'T GONNA DO IT,.....E-V-E-R!!!!

"Scotty, shields up!"

Also, starting Monday are you r-e-a-l-l-y gonna go to the gym 5 days a week? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Noooooooooo you're not. If you are NOT already in the habit of going to the gym on a regular basis then you won't be ready to make that kind of commitment so quickly right now. Go to the gym, go when you have time (ya gotta MAKE time and if you're the child raiser then the times you can make it to the gym are gonna be really weird hours but you gotta go at that time when you can. Hubby can watch the kiddies for an hour and a half,.....REALLY he can.......okay, he sorta can,.......okay, he's a slob and he was a Momma's boy but he's gotta grow up SOMEtime. LOL!

Keep this in mind my fellow Sparkly-Sparkerettes:
1.) Cardio is good for the heart
2.) Strength training is good for lean muscle (which burns fat)
3.) Eating clean & healthy is good for losing weight

You can do all three of these in most combinations and lose weight except you have to have #3 in any of the combinations because cardio and weight training without eating healthy won't do it for you, actually just doing #3 alone CAN result in weightloss, yuppers!!!!

Starting your "diet" on January 1st!?
Good Luck with that!

Start right now!

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