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1/26/11 10:27 A

Some men dont get it no matter how old they are.... and what kind of girlfriend is she if she is not on his case?

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1/25/11 12:38 A

Thanks for your kind words. She ended up spending the night, we had a good talk and I was there for her, I guess that's all I can do for her for now. But I am sending evil thoughts at her dad, who can't make the choice between their child and their new girlfriend, that should be a no brainer!

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1/24/11 6:46 P

Kudos to you for supporting her through this difficult time. Hopefully, she will grow from this experience and one day look back on it with a feeling of understanding, rather than pain.

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1/24/11 2:54 P

You are doing the right thing. Be there for her to lean on!

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1/23/11 7:32 P

I have always ran the buffer between my daughter and her dad, that is till now. Actually she is my step daughter and she no longer lives with me (her dad and I broke up about 5 months ago) She is unhappy, his new girlfriend's son (who lives with them now) is causing problems between my daughter and her dad and her dad is not taking her side. Now my daughter is 18 and definatley old enough to speak for herself. And my ex and I do not have any kind of communication between us. I want to call him up and read him the riot act, tell him that he will lose his daughter if he does not ease up and treat her like an adult....but I can't. Not only will he now listen to me, but it will make the situation between the two of the worse. She is on her way over here to spend the night at my house, I am happy to have her at anytime but I hate the thought that she feels the need to leave her home to have peace.

I just wish there was some way to fix this for her but I accept the fact that she is an adult and has to fix things for herself. I just know that if I was still there she would not be in this situation.


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