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3/1/14 5:50 P

AMTNMAMA - that bar is called a ticker, and here is how to get it on your own posts:

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3/1/14 3:59 P

I was 290 so I had a lot to loose. I was sedentary so I started to move, that was a great help. Then I just cut back on my portions and started eating better. The weight started to fall off. I have been at 215 for about 6 months now and need to get back to work at loosing again. So I am hoping that with some help and a structured plan I can do better then on my own.

Take care

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3/1/14 3:52 P

How do you get the icon for weight loss bar on your account...please and thank you :)

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2/22/14 3:13 A

sounds good - how did you lose 70 pounds? love to know

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,108
2/21/14 11:59 P

Congratulations on losing the 70 pounds - that's awesome. Have you been able to check out any of the Spark teams here? They have been a terrific place for me to meet lasting friends, many who I've gone on to meet in person.

Good luck, and welcome to SparkPeople.

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2/21/14 4:46 P

I have already lost 70lbs in the past 2 years now I need to lose another 35 to get back to my optimal weight. I am looking for support and friendship along the way. I am ready to fight again and lose this weight.
thanks amntmama

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