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3/18/13 11:35 A

These people are so so right. First, dieting isn't sustainable. Eating too little is also not sustainable.

I've been there before, and what I am doing now is making changes in my life to give me a fantastic change, and a true CHANGE. I used to eat a ton of processed foods, with very little fresh foods in there.

Now, I am eating more healthy, nutritious, WHOLE foods. I seriously have never felt better, which makes me feel that this will be far easier to keep up with this change!

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3/18/13 7:29 A

I agree with Motivated_Last.

Eating too little, exercising too much and not including strength training is a recipe for lean muscle loss over fat loss. Not to mention, as you've already experienced... throwing in the towel because quite frankly, you were "dieting", not creating sustainable changes to your life. Healthy living is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Treat it as such and you will be successful, not only in losing those unhealthy pounds but in keeping them off.

Try not to look at it as just getting the pounds off this time and instead look at it as improving yourself, not only your weight/appearance but improving your entire lifestyle. Treat this journey how you plan on living for the rest of your life. Set new goals for yourself in your diet, fitness, health and all over, life and if you keep challenging yourself to the next level, in a years time you will see so much self-improvement it will blow your mind.

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3/18/13 5:11 A

There is nothing wrong with walking 4-5 miles a day. And normally there is nothing wrong with eating 1200 calories.

But doing both may be an issue - higher levels of activity do require you to eat more to support that level of activity. Just ensure that you enter into your Spark Exercise Goals (Accessible from the LH side of the Start page) what your typical weekly calories burned is, and Spark will recommend an intake appropriate for your needs.

Also, any good exercise program includes BOTH strength training and cardio. You may want to cut your walks shorter a couple of times per week, and use that extra time to get some strength training in.


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3/18/13 2:02 A

Sorry to hear about your broken engagement. Looks like you have the details thought out and are ready to achieve. good luck!

3/18/13 1:31 A

I am 34 y/o, 5'2" and 240 pounds. Rather inactive as well (I walk to work which is about a mile per day, 4-5 times per week).

I lost 55 pounds about 4 years ago using calorie counting and walking but, I was VERY obsessed. I would limit myself to about 1200 calories per day and 4-5 miles of walking. I remember being so dizzy that I had to sit in a parking lot and then cried all the way home quite a few times. I would lean on trees from dizziness but, I kept on going. It gave me something to think about OTHER THAN my recent broken engagement.

Needless to say...I was "happy" again and was back to my regular self. And I gained all the weight PLUS more back.

Which leads me to today...and I want to make a change.

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