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12/10/13 11:50 A

When I first did Insanity this time last year the scale told me I GAINED 10lbs but when I looked at my before and after photos it looked like I lost 20. I HIGHLY suggest starting to take photos of yourself instead of the scale!

If you can physically toss the scale why not set up an incentive? Say, you'll buy yourself something (non-food related obviously) if you can go one week without stepping on it?

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12/10/13 10:26 A


Here is an article that you may find helpful. Be sure to check out the related content as well.

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12/9/13 3:03 P

The scale is more of a distraction for me. It has been this entire journey. I always faithfully count calories and exercise minimum 30 minutes a day so I know I am doing good and will continue losing weight/getting healthy. I weigh myself daily and sometimes 3-4 times because I can get obsessive with it. What are some good tips to cut back on that and only weigh in once a week or so? I would throw it away completely but its not mine lol. I'm going to keep counting calories and exercising of course, and I feel incredible and happy with my new body, but don't want to obsess over a number. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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