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GOELLIE3 Posts: 4
5/22/13 4:43 P

I agree, a boys body would be amazing, but, unfortunately, we didn't have a choice.

I ti not healthy at all to attempt that look because we are not meant for it. Keep eating healthy and exercising and one day, I guarantee you, you will be happy.

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
5/21/13 10:54 P

Sorry, but that is determined by your genes. It isn't realistic or healthy to expect to have a boy's body if you are a female, but again, that is mostly determined by your genes and there isn't a way to change that.

Coach Denise

CIERRAE Posts: 1
5/21/13 9:48 P

A lot of girls want to lose weight while still maintaining their butt and their chests (their curves). I don't. I want to lose all this weight and just look like a full on skinny boy. Then maybe later on I would like to work on muscle definition in my arms. But, how can I reach my goal of just getting full out pencil-y?

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