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2/26/13 8:15 A

I disagree with just getting a blender.... I think if it is juice you want, then get a juicer. I know everyone says you waste valuable fiber, but with a juicer, you have access to tons of nutrients because of the large volume of fruit and veg you need to make a cup. You can save the pulp for recipes later, or also add in fiber from other sources throughout the day, but don't get a blender if you want a juicer... you will get vastly different results. Everyone knocks the juicer saying you lose the fiber, but you have many other options to eat fiber in other ways during the day, and a juicer has many benefits a blender does not. Do the research and figure out what you really want :)

2/26/13 6:35 A

I actually bought this one from amazon back in October looking at my history:

it's a smaller juicer but it workers perfect for my usage and I love it. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I wasn't sure I would like.

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2/25/13 9:44 P

I do re-juice my pulp getting a little more out of it. Great idea to dehydrate it! Do you just lay out on a tray? And, for how long?? emoticon

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2/25/13 1:13 P

On the wasting of the pulp issue? I don't waste anything. I may not consume the fiber when i drink my juice, but there are plenty of recipes that you can make using the pulp. Sometimes i dehydrate it and use it as green powder in my smoothies. Sometimes I add flax or hemp seed and dehydrate it to make crackers. The best thing about the lifestyle I chose is that there is extremely little waste.

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2/25/13 12:26 P

I have both a juicer and Ninja Blender. You won't find a quality juicer for under 100$, but you can get the Ninja for that price. I prefer blending-you can still make juice in the Ninja AND smoothies! A juicer strips away the fiber, so if you have any blood sugar issues or low fiber, you won't want to juice. Juicers are not very convenient either-they are a pain to clean (even ones that say they are not-they must be washed right away, unlike blender..) It also takes a lot of produce to make one glass of juice since all the pulp goes to waste. I have a smoothie every morning that provides at least half of my daily vegs and fruits, if not more! You can also "prep" your smoothies. I sometimes freeze a big batch of smoothies into cubes and then just toss a few in the blender in the morning with some coconut water, peanut butter, hemp protein, and about half a cup of some more greens. emoticon

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2/25/13 12:07 P

You can check thrift stores and yard sales for new ones. Sometimes people get them as gifts or I know when they sell the ones on T.V. they sometimes give 2 for price of one so the person sells the other. I actually got mine at a "White Elephant" gift exchange! LOL!
I agree about the blender though---but then again, I can add back in some or all of the pulp from the juicer depending on what I am making. Try using your blender first and then decide!

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2/25/13 11:55 A

good thought. So, then, just a blender??? ya think?

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2/25/13 11:48 A

You would be better off getting something that blends fruit and vegetables to actually get the goodness of them, the filling nature of them, instead of just drinking the juice, lots of calories without any filling properties.

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2/25/13 11:34 A

I plan on buying a juicer and have no idea what to get. Needs to be around $100 or less.
Which one is best?

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