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4/6/14 5:42 P

Walking is an excellent way to lose weight when done in unison with eating properly. I have lost over 100 pounds and did only walking for a majority of the weight I have lost. I do drink lots of water and I have recently started eating really good. Once I started tracking the foods I eat I was surprised to find out that the calories in some foods I ate most were a lot higher than I ever dreamed. Make yourself accountable by tracking everything you do. Good Luck.

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4/6/14 2:21 P

As others have said, exercise alone does not really allow you to drop the weight, particularly if you are doing something low intensity like walking. Strength training does more to help with weight loss than cardio, over time, because stronger, bigger muscles burn more calories, even at rest. Strength training also makes you look fitter, even if you are still carrying extra weight. But a combination of walking and calorie tracking can get you where you want to go.

Increasing the speed of your walking, trying to add more hill or stairs and adding to your distance,will all help burn calories, and will increase your overall fitness, but calorie counting is still the most important tool in your box.

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4/4/14 10:03 P

"Why can I walk miles but still struggle with losing weight?"

Because you cannot out-exercise a bad diet.
Weight loss is 80% nutrition.

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4/4/14 9:57 P

I have to disagree with KNEEMAKER, and side with Coach Jen.

I walk 45 mins a day, and do a 35 min workout on Wed., Fri., and Sunday, and walk 60 mins the other 4 days of the week. I lost most of my weight just by walking, with a little swimming in the summer, and last summer some basketball, and bike rides. Nothing strenuous, except the basketball.

You exercise to become healthier as far as breathing, and heart rate, not to lose weight. If you overeat, you won't be able to exercise it away. I was in a McDonald's the other day ( not eating ), and I see they had added calories to the menu. A large Shamrock shake was 870 calories. Assuming you can maintain 200 lbs, while burning 400 calories a day walking, if you consume the shake, you now need to burn 1270 calories. I want to congratulate you on finishing the 10K, when you are done burning that many calories.. emoticon

Still, if you don't have any extra food, you will need to cut calories, to drop below 200 lbs. If your current calories in( diet ), as well as calories out ( walking ) don't change, neither will the weight on the scale. Provided of course that you were maintaining, and not losing.

So you have 2 options.. up exercise, or cut calories. Weight lifting may increase muscle mass, and up metabolism, but this will be minimal ( not useless though ). Cardio may burn enough calories, but if you are maintaining while burning 400 calories, and wish to lose a lb. every 10 days, you need to exercise another 350 calories off. Can you burn 750 calories? Do you have the time? Will increased exercise make you hungry, and in need of consuming more calories?

It would be much easier to cut 350 from the diet. You can lose the weight while just walking. I just recently started sprinting for short periods of my walk, but let this happen naturally. I only run, if I feel like it, and stop when I am winded. You do exercise to build endurance, and help with your cardiovascular systems, not for weight loss. That is what diet is for. To lose more weight, you have to figure out how to stick to the proper calorie range. It is hard, but don't try to make up for a dietary problem, by increasing exercise. Work on the real problem.

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4/4/14 8:24 P

Step it up and keep on keeping on. Each step gets you closer to your destination. It is a journey not a walk in the park. You'll get there. You have the right attitude. Walk faster, invest in a bike, take up swimming, mix it up, join a gym or Y, do strength exercises, mimic the exercises Coach Nicole has videoed on the site. Good luck and keep up the good work. Congratualtions emoticon

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4/4/14 8:20 P

Since the walking is something you've done for a long time, it's a normal part of your day to your body. Different kinds of activity are what's going to shake things up and help with weight loss, but really only if your diet is in check.

Coach Jen

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4/4/14 8:00 P

I just started tracking again and its hard to stay under sometimes.

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4/4/14 7:46 P

The majority of your weight loss progress comes from diet, not exercise. Are you tracking all of your food and staying in your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges daily?

Coach Jen

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4/4/14 6:56 P

I have no car so I'm always walking.I workout at least 3 times a week and then on top of that I walks miles a day to class, work or the store, however I still struggle with my weight. I thought any type of exercise helps with weight loss or at least maintaining your current weight. Why can I walk miles but still struggle with losing weight?

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