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2/9/13 6:04 P

Thanks guys :)

Shane, I will def be getting more protein the day after :)


2/9/13 5:47 P

When I haven't strength trained for a while, the soreness from DOMS can peak as much as 72 hours later. After I've been doing it regularly for a month or so, it peaks in about 24. It's just the body rebuilding stronger for next time. That's what we want. Everybody's unique, but this is common among friends I've worked out with.

As to being more hungry, I can only speak for me. I always have an increased appetite the day after a good Strength Training. I will eat a little extra protein the day after even if I go over on calories a bit. Just my $.02

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2/9/13 4:56 P

DOMS = Delayed onset muscle soreness...usually the worst is 24-48 hours after the workout.

Doing a lighter weight intensity can help, but also consider investing into a foam roller.

As for hungry, it can be related or it can be coincidence. Fill up on high fiber, low calorie foods, AKA TONS OF VEGGIES :)

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2/9/13 3:58 P


That would make sense for the sore muscles and as to why I am so hungry.

It just stinks when those calories are left for my dinner meal and I am STARVING and have no wiggle room for anything to snack on :(

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2/9/13 3:24 P

I know the best way to get rid of sore muscles is to use them (at a lower intensity) the next day or the day after that... otherwise they'll seem to get more sore -_-; I've experienced it with horseback after not doing it for a while... NOT fun.
As for getting more hungry, the more you burn the more you'll want to eat. But you still have some wiggle room, so don't worry, just watch yourself and you should be fine.

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2/9/13 2:54 P

Ok, so yesterday I decided that on top of my bike rides, I would throw in 15 minutes of strength training. I was feeling sore afterwards, and when I woke up I was still a little sore (Scale of 1-10 it was like a 3) but as the day has gone on, my muscles keep getting more and more sore. I figured it was because I hadn't exercised at my normal times due to my husband working. So I went on a bike ride and came back and am just about unable to move.

To top everything else off, I have been ungodly hungry! I have only like 45-375 calories left for the day but I am feeling so depleted.

Does anyone have any advice to help with the sore muscles and some ideas as to why I am so hungry? I am terrified I will go over my calories for the day and scared I will throw myself off with all of this emoticon

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