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JAXNSAM Posts: 54
9/23/13 2:30 P

WOW thank you for the good advice. This helps soooo much

9/21/13 11:33 A

This needs to be something you can do for the rest of your life. Not many of us have time (or energy) to work out over an hour per day or even more. Give yourself permission to be human and have a rest day. You have proven that you can do it. So now be kind to your body and have a rest day once a week. You will feel better.

NAEGADS Posts: 62
9/20/13 6:36 P

I TOTALLY agree with the other comments, you can't compare yourself to others. Listen to your body and rest. For most people the weight gain didn't happen overnight, so don't expect the weight loss to do the same. I recently purchased a heart rate/ calorie expenditure watch. I had to catch myself because I was bummed that I'd only burned 365 calories in one workout not 450 that some weight loss "calculator" told me I needed to burn in order to reach my weight loss for the week. Right waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much thought into the process! emoticon I figure if you burn a few today and you get plenty of REST, you can build up to burning more another day. Take it easy on yourself.

GWENHAVEN SparkPoints: (13,307)
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Posts: 489
9/20/13 5:33 P

T It's fine to watch the numbers, but when you become obsessed with them as if they are the end all-be all, then it becomes a detriment. You don't listen to your body and you push push push, you can hurt yourself or make yourself sick.
If you're exhausted all the time, then your body is telling you that you are pushing it far too hard. Back off and give it some rest. Exercise should make you feel great in the long run. You can work up to being a dynamo, but in the mean time, your body needs time to recover. It sounds like you're not giving it the recuperation time it needs.
What kinds of foods are you ingesting to get your calories? Try to switch it up, get more calories from fruits and vegetables and legumes, less from sugars and fats, unless you're already getting a low amount of fats.
Time to reassess how you are going to go about it, and you should never, ever, compare to others to where it makes you feel like a failure. Everyone is different, with differing bodily needs. Just like some can eat like crazy and never seem to gain weight, but others eat just a little too much and put on a pound, our bodies are different in so many ways. We really can't expect to be able to assess ourselves as if we were all cut from the same mold. You're individual. You know what is best for you, so stop going by what "others" say you should be able to do. Learn what you can about listening to the cues your body is giving you, learn when to push, and when to give your body a much needed rest.
As for calories, you DON'T have to eat the same calories per day. You can eat over limit one day, then below limit another day, it doesn't have to all be the same, just as long as the average balances out, say, at the end of the week. That's why so many continue to lose weight even with a "cheat" day where they eat anything they want (but don't gorge, or course) regardless of calories.
Try to use the numbers as a guideline instead of what you strive for. Calorie count and burn is far from an exact science, and they have recently discovered that the true calories of a lot of foods are very likely much lower than first thought. So you can't count on them anyway. :)

MAYBER SparkPoints: (120,147)
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Posts: 9,764
9/20/13 12:42 A

So agree with everyone else here that you should not compare yourself to others
you are a unique individual and only you can determine what is right for you
if taking a break is what you need do so and do not feel guilty
each day is a new beginning and the choices are yours
one day at a time
love prayers peace

CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (98,991)
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Posts: 493
9/20/13 12:13 A

Weight loss is 80% diet. If you're eating healthy foods, your success shouldn't hinge that severely on that much exercise. It sounds like you're doing A LOT. I worked out 5-6 times a week, an hour a day, for many months and eventually my body was exhausted. Taking a day or two off wasn't even enough to recover at that point. I ended up taking about ten days off from working out, with the exception of a couple short, easy runs, and I couldn't feel better now! I continued to watch my diet and now I'm easing back into my workout routine, but when you have yourself burnt out all the time, it defeats the purpose of trying to be healthier. I even broke a plateau when I took the time off! I'm sure it's because I then had more time to rest/sleep more, which I needed, too. If you go extreme in either direction, whether it's not working out at all or working at incessantly, it's not a good thing for you and your body.

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
9/19/13 10:38 P

don't get yourself down. Even the most motivated person sometimes has a setback and feels like a failure.

MIZTERY SparkPoints: (37,441)
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Posts: 902
9/19/13 6:37 P

I know that feeling. I am so vigilant about getting some exercise and not going over my calories b/c the guilt is hard to bear! I'll tell you this though, I did the super hard working out as an experiment for 3 months and upped my calories about 200. I didn't lose anything. Now I do shorter workouts and lower the calories. Its working, though slowly.

9/19/13 5:46 P

Our bodies are all different and our weight loss journeys too. There are high points and low points. It sounds as though you are going through a low point right now. Take a couple of days break from your exercise and stick within your calorie range. If that is the right calorie range for you, you should maintain your current weight and not gain. Give your body time to rest and heal. I was where you are a couple of weeks ago. My arms and back ached from increasing my workout, and the more I tried to exercise the more I hurt and the more unpleasant the exercise became. After a couple of days rest and then a couple of days light exercise (like just some medium placed walking), I felt much better and continued my exercise where I had left off and had no problems. I was working too hard trying to keep up with what others were achieving, and so also setting my expectations of myself and my body too high.
My body loses frustratingly slowly, but that is me and I have had to learn to accept it. My diet is 1200 - 1500 calories and I exercise 6 days a week. On 3 days I do cardio and strength and burn about 600-700 calories in my 70 minute workout (I do a lot of boxing). On alternate days I change things up and go from my solo workout to doing something with my kids or a friend - so I might swim for an hour, go hiking for an hour, do a zumba DVD, do yardwork etc. One day a week I rest ( sometimes 2 depending on how I feel). I am lucky if I lose a pound in 2 weeks. It is frustratingly slow, but I guess that is what it is...and it is still a loss.
Have positive encouraging affirmations around your home, on your computer and in your workout music. And listen to your body. This is a new way of life you are creating, and if it is not manageable in the short term, it won't be in the long term. Find something that works for you - I can't stress that enough.
All the best.

TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
9/18/13 11:43 P

As others have said, comparing yourself/your fitness journey to anyone else won't do you any favors.

As for break time, just because you don't hit the gym/track/weights whatever doesn't mean you have to sit on your couch eating bon bons and watching american idol. This last weekend I was swamped with travel for work so no exercise for me. However I tracked over 18000 steps in one day on my pedometer!!!! WOAH!!! the next day it was 15000, so while I didn't run or lift Still moved and when monday came around I was more motivated because I have the recovery and decompression time.

Fitness isn't about working yourself to death or tracking a million hours on the road, it's about being healthy and feeling good. If you turn fitness into a painful chore that doesn't make you feel good then you are more likely to quite and "fail" (i hate this word).

Try changing up your routine, go do a dance class or hit up a club. explore your town/city/village on foot and connect with new people. Take the dog to the beach ride a biking trail. just change it up and chill out for one weekend.

I hope you find what you are looking for, and good luck!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
9/18/13 11:30 A

When feelings of guilt and compulsion are involved in exercise, it is time to take an honest look at what is going on. This article can help you see if your views are healthy or if adjustments are in order.

When Too Much Exercise Becomes a Problem
Compulsive Exercise and Exercise Bulimia

Coach Tanya

GRACE1054 Posts: 605
9/18/13 11:26 A

First and foremost, you have to stop comparing your journey and your results to anyone else's. No 2 bodies are alike and everyone sees results (or lack of) at different rates. It sounds to me like you might need to rethink your fitness program. There are some great articles on SP including the lone I have linked below.

Give yourself a break.

MISSDAISY23 Posts: 15,848
9/18/13 11:13 A

No, you are not a failure. I think you are pushing yourself way too much. Sometimes, it is alright to take a break. I do agree with you eating less is not an option. On the other hand, doing so much more exercise is also not a wise choice. You have to listen to your body. If it needs a break, then take one.

Take care & have a fabulous day! emoticon


PERFECTVELVET SparkPoints: (63,567)
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Posts: 6,371
9/18/13 11:06 A

Well, don't read the message boards then! Everyone's journey is personal, and comparing yourself to others can be more harmful than helpful. Since you're burned out, it's probably a good idea to take a step back and re-evaluate where you are.

JAXNSAM Posts: 54
9/18/13 10:25 A

I work out 6 days a week and many times 7. I try to overshoot my calorie burn goal because I know that many times the calorie burn is inflated. Many days I work out for 50 - 60 minutes but on Sundays I try to do a longer day (70-80). I am always striving to get to a certain number of calories burned for the week and then I try to make sure I do weights 2 days or more a week.

I am sooooooo burned out. Sometimes I just want to do what I want to do or maybe take 2 days off in one week, but then I feel guilty that I didn't burn enough. Eating less than I do now is not an option (around 1800 calories).

I read the message boards and feel even more guilty because I see how hard others are working out and I feel like a failure.

It's been a really bad week.

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