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2/22/14 10:41 A

Congratulations on your progress! Keep plugging, you can make those changes.

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2/21/14 4:10 P

Congratulations on all your progress!!!

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2/21/14 3:37 P

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

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2/21/14 2:29 P

I think I am making progress in my health. My lab tests show that my levels for insulin, glucose, good cholesterol have improved. My bad cholesterol is still kind of elevated but the nutritionist thinks it me eating sugar. I am trying to monitor and journal everything that I eat even when I screw up, but I am hanging in there. I got to lose about 60 more pounds. I am learning how to balance complex carbs with simple carbs. I am learning how to help myself to be a better example for my 12 year old daughter. It's really important for me and to me to make these changes for the long-term. No more yo-yo dieting. But to learn from all this and take it seriously because my health has been at stake for a while here. Just thankful that I finally see that I need to do it right. I still have a long way to go in breaking bad habits with overeating.

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