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4/15/14 3:53 P

the problem isn't really my lack of ideas for cardio, its more like my lack of motivation or getting bored doing cardio. I used to be the opposite, I used to hate strength training and love cardio, now I love strength training and hate cardio. I guess this to will pass.

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4/15/14 1:04 P

Have you tried the Seated Cardio video here on Spark? It will give you a nice short workout without jumping around your Mom's house--LOL--and it probably will be easy on your back too. And you can always do it twice for a bit more umphhh....
I enjoy the Seated Core video and Arm ones as well....
All the Best,

4/15/14 12:40 P

I don't run, or hike although I did a leslie sansone 'boosted walking' intervals video that was on youtube the other day, it was only 15 minutes so I was able to get through it. I have a bad back so I am not able to do high impact workouts very long, plus I live with my mom and she doesn't like me jumping around in her house.
I have begun a strength training routine for my lower body on tuesday and thursday.

4/15/14 8:25 A

Maybe you're not broken, maybe you're just bored!

I will often skip the cardio and just lift, especially in the winter.

Try and throw some intense short bursts into your workout and see if you like it. 30 seconds of intense exercise in between lifts. This type of training has been shown to be as effective as a longer cardio workout in terms of health benefit.

Burpees without the push up
Jumping Lunges
Jump Rope
Jump Squats
Box Jumps (stair jumps)
Mountain Climbers
Lateral Jumps
Running on the spot with high knees

Also don't neglect your lower body. Try and do at least a 3 sets of weighted squats once or twice a week. A lot of the exercises I mention above work the legs as well. Give it a try!

Another thing I really like is single leg exercises.

Step Ups - onto a high bench or step

Similar to these

All of these can be weighted or not depending on strength.

Good luck finding something that works for you :)

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4/14/14 9:07 P

Do u run or hike hills?

4/14/14 8:04 P

Thank you everyone for making me feel so much better!

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
4/13/14 10:00 P

I hear you. I'm supposed to do roughly ten minutes of cardio in my gym program, the rest is strength training. That ten minutes of cardio seems boring! I have to really challenge myself when my trainer isn't there to keep at it and not fudge.

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4/13/14 5:02 P

I go in and out. I usually love cardio and will do cardio over anything else. I have a problem doing the weights on a regular basis. I have my moments when I don't want to do any cardio and rather do other things. This too shall pass!!! Hang in there.

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4/13/14 4:03 P

Nothing wrong at all with not liking cardio. I can get to the gym and lift hard four days a week, but loathe the idea of going for a run. Unless you're in a sport that requires 40+ minutes of endurance, why does it matter? You can get the results you want without aerobics. You'll just have to eat a bit less and it may take longer. Not a big deal, especially if you keep lifitng like you say and can maybe convince yourself to do more squats and other leg/core lifts

AMYSYOKO Posts: 1,847
4/10/14 7:43 P

I absolutely love zumba, and we all dance like nobody is watching. It is so much fun it is over before you know it. plus learning different dances is so good for our brains. we have a great diverse it

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4/9/14 1:01 P

Different things can work, just remember that when you do strength training your muscles need time to recover--that is when you make the strength gains. You usually can do aerobic exercise on your recovery days from strength training but there may be some aerobic activity that interfere's with recovery (i.e. some people may not be able to go to spin class the day after they worked their legs and still have good recovery). I prefer full body strength workouts and on the alternate day do cardio and a nice long stretch or fairly gentle yoga (some power yoga might be as vigorous as a bodyweight strength program). If splitting upper and lower body work for you, that is fine, maybe you could look at doing leg intensive cardio on your lower body day and upper body intensive cardio on your arm day if you find worked areas need more recovery. I don't know how that your work, it was just a left field idea but an example could be on the lower body day walking, jogging, cardio kickboxing, aerobic dance on the upper body day swimming, cardio boxing, maybe hooping. Of course most good cardio is full body not part specific, but sometimes you feel the effort more in some muscles than the others. I personally find it is easier to stick to a cardio routine if I include more than one activity in the week and vary it (and if the activity is fun). My cardio activities include walking, dancing (different styles), jumping rope, hooping, intervals of walking and running outside, hiking, swimming, and sometimes a cardio boxing/jump rope dvd. I don't do all of them every day or every week even, I tend to vary it depending on the season and what I look forward to doing. If I really don't feel like it, I skip cardio. I have some aerobic hobbies though so I usually manage to get enough, I really have to keep myself accountable to stay consistent with strength training though. I think if you can find a few aerobic hobbies (it sounds like you have a couple--walking and hooping) that helps. If not, consider circuit training for your strength workouts as that can have aerobic benefits.

Also, be careful of doing too much too soon. I mention it because you say you have a goal to do 10 minutes of cardio a day. That sounds like you are either just starting out or don't like aerobic exercise? If just starting, focus on being consistent, but don't worry about progressing too fast. If new to weights (or you just started a challenging program) you might need more recovery time so a little less cardio might be fine. Also it is often a good idea to take a rest day from aerobic exercise just like it is wise to take rest days from strength work. (Maybe not a rest between each cardio session, but one or two a week might help).

4/8/14 6:30 P

well I have been able to do and enjoy doing strength training for my legs once again. I think the problem was that I was trying to do all my strength training in one day and it was just too much. so I started doing my upper body one day and lower body the next day. so that problem is solved.
I still haven't really been wanting to do my abs. Tomorrow maybe I will start with my abs to get over with so I can go on to my upper body, which I actually enjoy doing.
for cardio I have been walking but my new hula hoop that I ordered has shipped yesterday so hopefully I get it soon, that should give me something fun for cardio.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
4/7/14 11:13 P

I'm 68 and I've been exercising really very regularly (with a few lapses) for at least 30 years. I have found myself getting very, very bored the last few years, just because I've done it so much. Bored enough that I could hardly face another exercise session, and often just let it go.

Lately I've been really, really trying to mix it up. Right now I am doing strength training every other day and a good hard cardio (not necessarily long, but hard) the other days. If I feel like it, I do cardio on the strength days, or maybe some kind of DVD that contains both, but I don't force myself.

I live 20 miles from the nearest gym, so I do mostly DVD's and walking. So, I am lucky enough to have a lot of DVDs--but you can find them in libraries or online too. I might do a step routine one day, dance aerobics another, interval training another, etc. Sometimes I walk/run on the treadmill. It helps keep me from getting bored.

When the weather is nicer, I do walk or do run/walk intervals. Winter is sure holding on here, though.

Also, I have decided that I'm not going to worry about special workouts for my abs, legs, etc. If a DVD has those components, fine--most do There is only so much I want to do, and trying to add in, say, a separate ab workout, another for Pilates, etc., will just makes me dread exercise, which is not what I want.

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4/6/14 3:15 P

Love my hula-hoop!

Dance when no one is watching if you think you look silly emoticon
(but I bet you don't!)

The most successful exercise is one you enjoy and will stick with over the long term. I don't see any reason to force yourself to slog through anything you truly hate if you can find something- or several things- that's mostly fun.

4/6/14 1:52 P

I kinda was doing the same routine. maybe that's part of the problem. I look like I am having a stroke when I dance, but I did order a lighter hula hoop, I cannot wait for it to come!

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4/6/14 1:08 P

I get in moods where I cannot make myself do a workout DVD or go to a class, but I am usually happy to crank up some good music and dance. I have a bunch of playlists on my iPod, and I pick one that appeals and dance around the house. I look like an idiot, but that's one of the joys of living alone. emoticon

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4/6/14 11:35 A

If you don't like doing aerobics, don't do them emoticon

Walking is a perfectly good cardio activity. If you want to see serious fat loss and fitness gains, try throwing in a few sprint intervals when you walk.

As far as lower body strength training goes... don't you want a great ass? emoticon

There is absolutely no reason to force yourself through activities you hate when there are ways to get similar results while enjoying yourself (or at least through stuff you don't mind as much).

You are not broken; you have preferences just like everyone!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,619
4/6/14 8:30 A

Well, were you doing the same DVD or same exact activity for days/weeks/months on end? If that's the case, maybe you got bored because it became mundane. Mixing it up helps. Really. I actually quit going to a class at my gym because the instructor repeated the same block of activity 2-3 times per class. Dull, dull, dull, although I like the person.

You also mentioned you walk because it is easier. Easier because it's convenient or easier because the last aerobics class you partook of maybe showed you were a little more out of shape than the last time you tried?

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4/5/14 5:37 P

Hard to different points in my life, I loved step aerobics, spinning, weight machines and the elliptical and now I hate them all. Tastes change.

4/5/14 5:21 P

I am very motivated to do strength training for my upper body and I am even starting to progress to heavier weights but I have no motivation to cardio lately, leg exercises or ab work.. All which I KNOW I need.
I made a goal to do at least 10 minutes of cardio a day, which I know isn't nearly enough, but usually I end up going for a walk because that is easier than aerobics. I used to love aerobics. What happened?

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