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8/28/13 1:14 A

Thank you!

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8/13/13 7:30 P

The Insanity program is a very high intensity workout. If you haven't been exercising or exercised much, the intensity level may be too high for you right now. If that's the case, then you can continue to work on and improve your fitness level and then try the program once you have given your body more of a chance to get some more conditioning. Otherwise, you can do the Insanity program, but do it at a lower intensity level that you are able to do.

Coach Denise

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8/13/13 2:37 P

So i started Insanity yesterday. I could barely get through the fit test, but i told myself i could do it. My parents wont let me buy the foods recommended but it says its necessary. So anyways, when i woke up today, my back and legs ached. When i tried doing the exercise, i couldnt. I couldnt even get through the warmup! Well im thinking of quitting, but i dont want to give up, i havent even done anything yet! Plz help!!!! Thx

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