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SYLPHANON Posts: 518
7/7/08 7:58 P

Forgot to mention one other possibility: a yeast infection. Yeast doesn't only occur THERE, it can occur anywhere in the body (your gut, mouth, scalp (ie. thrush in babies)and in intertrigo (a rash that can occur on the surface of the skin, especially under skin folds). A natural remedy is 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract (a good brand is Nutribiotic), available in health food stores, diluted with a bit of water and sponged on affected areas. If the smell doesn't go away with that, you may want to see your doctor for a topical anti-yeast cream, if it is indeed that.

CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
7/5/08 5:06 A

hmmm never happened to me...true, i shower so often if i heavily sweat that probably i don't get a chance to smell it...hubby never complained abt anything yet but i don't eat much onion/garlic

i use balsamic vinegar but never smelled like it lol

i'd check wt your dr to be sure

7/5/08 3:22 A

I agree it could be garlic smell distorted as it passes through the skin - easy test on this - smell the ends of your fingers!

Several years ago when I was doing hard-core cardio I'd notice an almost amonia smell after I worked out... Only came after SERIOUS sweat and effort.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
7/5/08 12:25 A

Garlic does this with the breath and sweating it out.
If I over do carrot and pumpkin, my skin can get a slightly orange colour. My son used to love mashed carrot as a baby and wanted it all the time, he got a wonderful orange tan lol.

SYLPHANON Posts: 518
7/4/08 10:34 P

Some possibilities:
1) certain bras and other types of undergarmnets that fit close to the skin contain rubber or latex to make them stretchy. If you are doing more exercise lately, your perspiration may be reacting with this material causing a chemical reaction that smells like vinegar. Try switching to a cotton or ther natural fabric bra/undergarments to see if this changes.
2) there is a medical condition of the kidney (not diabetes) in which your perspiration smells like vinegar (however you would prbably have a number of other symptoms by this time). If you are otherwise healthy, it's likely not this.

HEATHERBRIE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,103
7/4/08 7:44 A

Odd - please check with your doctor just to make sure this is not a symptom of something more sinister.

9CLEANQUEEN0 Posts: 162
7/4/08 1:57 A

That's strange! LOL Is there any chance that little girl heard your sister mention it? Kids always repeat stuff like that.

I did a quick google search and solutions mentioned were taking probiotics or taking zinc supplements. Probiotics could come in pill form, or you could get yogurt or kefir. Also, wiki mentioned a biproduct from a bacteria in sweat glands as a possible cause...perhaps some baking soda would help. You could even put a little in your bath tub.


AMARANTHA Posts: 7,053
7/4/08 12:46 A

I sometimes drink apple cider vinegar and a coworker once said she couldn't understand why the office (it's small) smelled like vinegar. I laid off it for awhile after that. :)

If you AREN'T eating or drinking a lot of vinegar, to be honest, I'd check it out with the doctor just to be sure.

Also, it's possible your little niece was smelling something else in the room, maybe.

JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
7/4/08 12:37 A

Do you clean with vinegar?

VEGANLADY33 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 356
7/4/08 12:34 A

No I am not diabetic. My sister has type I diabetes (the genetic/juvenile kind) and so I can test my blood whenever I want...I did it last night and it was normal. I don't really eat much acidic foods, other than the salsa and apples (are those really THAT acidic though)? Weird!!

CARLARCO Posts: 5,823
7/4/08 12:10 A

I've never heard of that.

CASSIE753 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 217
7/4/08 12:07 A

Are you diabetic? I've heard of certain chemical reactions that happen in people with diabetes that can lead to a strong vinegar smell in sweat.

Do you eat a lot of acidic foods? That might play some role, too.

THEOECHO Posts: 641
7/4/08 12:00 A

wow thats really odd. . . .Never heard of people smelling like vinegar. My grandfather used to eat lots of garlic. He would sweat garlic out of his pores, but Im curious as to why you would smell like vinegar.

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
7/4/08 12:00 A

Interesting about it being vinegar. Everyone's body chemistry reacts differently to certain spices and foods. My husband gets very upset after I have French Onion Soup. He says he can smell it on me for days. It just stays in my system and comes out through my pores - same thing with Garlic. Some people eat a lot of garlic and curry and you can totally smell a hint of it on them.

So, I know what you mean -but maybe you can stop eating whatever it is that is making you smell like that. For a little girl to mention it to you - means it is very true and very detectable - not good if you ever want to get close to someone, you know?

Maybe you can eat a different type of salsa from another brand or restaurant that doesn't stay with you like that.

You may also carry with you a body spray and breath spray you can use after you eat the salsa, if you can't refrain from eating it.

It could be worse, but maybe you can try to minimize the vinegar smell - for the sake of your romantic and social life - lol

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VEGANLADY33 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 356
7/3/08 11:27 P

My sister first brought this to my attention a few weeks ago after I went to the gym. This weekend i babysat my cousins and the little girl told me I smelled "funny"...I asked her how so, she said "like ketchup", and then today I guess I smelled myself and it is true, I smell like vinegar and/or foods containing vinegar. This is really strange, consider the only food I eat containing vinegar is salsa and its not one of the first ingredients...and I don't eat sooo much of it that i'd start to reek of it. I also shower daily and use deodorant so I have no clue how the smell is getting through.

Have you ever ate a food then smelled like it? I think this is extremely odd, but I guess i'd rather smell like vinegar than other things.

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