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9/5/11 6:56 A


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9/4/11 10:48 P

where do you get the tape measure with the numbers on it to keep track of weight loss efforts? I haven't gotten brave enough to put up my picture yet but I'm getting there.

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9/4/11 10:47 P

I just remembered that I need to listen to my body because it will tell me what I need to know.

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9/4/11 10:46 P

thanks so much for your support--I used to be able to afford WW but I can't any more. It's nice to have some support for hard life changes!!!!!!!!

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9/4/11 10:45 P

Thanks dude!!!!!!!!! Nobody in the family knows how huge this is for me--glad you guys are here!!

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9/4/11 10:28 P

woo hoo!/gwledford
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9/4/11 10:05 P

You ARE powerful!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Get up offa that thing! - James Brown

"The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands. "
- Robert M. Pirsig

"Christ has no body now but mine. He prays in me, works in me, looks through my eyes, speaks through my words, works through my hands, walks with my feet and loves with my heart."
- St. Theresa
NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
9/4/11 9:56 P

Oh wow, that is cool. It can be done, and I love that you checked out what your body was telling you!

You’ll get where you want to go as long as you are taking more steps in the right direction than the wrong one.
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9/4/11 8:50 P


Total weight loss goal is 70 lbs. I am breaking the large goal into smaller goals. I have reached my first goal of 27 lbs, and starting my 2nd 27 lbs goal!
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9/4/11 5:17 P

Last night after dinner my son and I ran to the store to take something back to get it replaced. Afterwards, he wanted to go to McDonald's to get a "treat". After he ordered, and since he was paying, I ordered two apple pies (for a $1)--they were hot. All the way home I wondered if I really wanted one of them or not because as I was checking the satiated feeling in my stomach, I really wasn't hungry any more. By the time we got home I had offered my hot apple pie to my husband (without taking one bite); the other one went to my youngest daughter. It just hit me this morning that I said "no" to a hot apple pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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