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JUSTIMEEM Posts: 137
11/13/13 3:33 A

It's not little, it's a real BIG thing.
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BARBARACZOR SparkPoints: (3,912)
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11/12/13 9:26 P

Good for you! I sometimes eat out of boredom...

11/10/13 4:08 P


RUNUXTOO Posts: 136
11/10/13 9:48 A

I look at it like a car. I put gasoline in the tank and the car weighs more. As the engine uses the gas the car weighs less. My body is the same. Count calories - it works. Be determined that it is for your own good. Temptation is hard to resist with food BUT stay the course. Do not exceed the daily calorie regemin you placed yourseld on. Don't listen to the devil inside you that wants you fat!!!

MLAN613 Posts: 17,382
11/10/13 8:25 A

It always feels good to resist temptation! Way to stay strong.

OLGA18 SparkPoints: (19,796)
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11/10/13 8:23 A

That's great and thanks for sharing it!
I read a lot and sometimes I'll be reading and there will be a part about people going to a party or something and it will tell about the food and the wine etc and I will think "Oh....I would just love to have a glass of wine and something delicious to eat with it"
And then I think "Actually I'm not hungry"
But it can be difficult sometimes not to give in to the temptation.
You did good!

11/9/13 9:31 P

Usually when I am not hungry and I want to eat I either exercise or go upstairs and get on my computer on the SparkPeople website. Today I was not able to do those things when temptation hit me because I have my son today.
I just had a big dinner, I had a mini sized butterfinger, that was enough. Still I wanted to eat. I was not physically hungry. I went as far as to open and stir a greek yogurt but I thought about it and decided that it wasn't worth it.
I know it seems little and it was just a yogurt, but it feels good that I didn't eat it. Now maybe next time I will pass up the mini butterfinger :)

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