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11/21/12 8:36 A

Totally agree. I do HIIT training on a daily basis-- sometimes upper, then lower, then core, then whole body. Sometimes i do a surge which seems to more cardio but it is actually 6 exercises with a 20 on 20 off scenario. The exercise is designed to use up all your sugar in your system so your body is forced to use the fat for energy. Of course, Doc said that if you exercise this way then go do an unhealthy meal, eat fast food, or have some candy, you just undid everything that you worked on in the last 12 minutes.

Yes, i only work out at maximum intensity for 12 minutes. I don't do the treadmill or elliptical or any machine unless I do it in tabata style. No cortisol for me. That just makes me hungry. I may do a 30 minute walk outside or longer depending on the weather.

But I certainly agree that losing weight is 80% diet. I eat more a plant based diet. No processed food, no refined sugar, no whole grains (converts to sugar anyway). Right now I am just trying to find the happy medium. Can't use this site to track since it is not designed for a vegan raw lifestyle. I have plugged in tracking info only to be told that i am not getting enough calcium or protein. Believe me SP, i get the designated amount. Most of mine comes from the greens I eat.

So good job reminding people. It never hurts to hear it over and over again.

Good luck on your journey

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
11/21/12 8:33 A

I have heard this before too and saw the interview. I never skip an exercise session but if I over eat then I gain. If I'm perfect with my calories I loose. I exercise for health and loss weight by diet.

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11/21/12 1:56 A

I wanted to share something, maybe help someone out there:

So I have heard this before, but I saw it again today:

That to lose weight, it is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

I just read Matthew McCanaughey's interview, he lost an incredible amount of weight for a role, he is 6 feet tall and 143 lbs! Yikes, but my point is, he said that he has always been very active, exercising up to hours of cardio (I know many of us see pictures of him running on the beach)

But he said in order to drop the weight, he had to cut back on what he ate, That no amount of exercise really could get him to where he wanted to be.

Now, I know exercise is so important, for many reasons- heart health, bone health, mood support.... But my point is, if there is a few days we don't have time to exercise, we can still lose weight, we don't have to give up or move backwards.

I just thought I'd share that, it was another A-Ha Moment for me.
I do know my trainer would warn me: You can eat through just about any workout- meaning if you workout like crazy for 2 hours, then go eat lots of pizza, beer-for some people- you could be over your calories despite the workout.

By the way, he said the organs, including the stomach shrink with weight loss and his appetite decreased. I am looking forward to that.

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