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I overeat therefore I am overweight

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2/28/13 8:37 A

The easiest thing for me to do is measure everything for the servicing size stated on the food. Literally everything. If I'm going to have chips for a snack, I count out the chips for the serving it says, and then put the bag away. I write everything down (AND add it in my tracker on here). I write it down so I see all the calories adding up that I am eating. It's very tedious to measure everything, but I promise you it is SO worth it. By doing that, I noticed that I would sometimes eat 3-4 times what I real serving is, and I was mortified. This helped me a lot. Good luck!

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2/27/13 5:56 P

Algebragirl is completely on the same wavelength with me as regards hunger. I've been noticing as I've gone through the past few months that part of the journey here is re-learning what hunger actually is and how it's appropriate to deal with it. For example, I now differentiate between:

food-specific cravings -- I deal with this by visualization, fool my body into thinking I've eaten it

generic cravings (that "I wanna eat something/I have the munchies" feeling) -- I ignore/distract myself

normal hunger -- if it's a reasonable snack time, have a snack. If it's close enough to meal time, ignore and enjoy the anticipation

grinding hunger -- took it too far, should have eaten an hour ago, try again tomorrow to do it right

low blood sugar/shakiness -- again, re-evaluate for the next day

And the worst one, the one that is currently making me want to hit something with a hammer -- freaking acid indigestion that hits right AFTER you eat. For me, it feels almost exactly like hunger pangs, and it's maddening to feel like that right after I've had a meal.

Other than that last one, the perfectly normal hunger is by far the most common form of "I need to eat" that I get these days and I don't think it's anything to be afraid of. This was absolutely not the case a few months ago, when "the munchies" and shakiness dominated my eating landscape.

You will find as you lose weight and reduce portion sizes that eventually your stomach catches up to you somewhat and it's not nearly as difficult to eat less as it was originally. You might spend a month struggling with hunger only to discover the next month that there's no problem at all. I also do believe in the addictiveness of sugar and highly processed carbohydrates in high enough doses, and also in the problem that they present with simply digesting so quickly that you are hungry again sooner than you need to be considering the number of calories ingested. Everyone is going to have a different tolerance level for these things (mine's actually higher than I originally thought it might be), so you have to work out over time what is OK for you.

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2/27/13 5:41 P

I have been less hungry and overeating less - no eating foods that cause my hunger to spike (which were a lot of my favorite non-healthy things to eat) I have no hot wings in three weeks - I am going on vacation in one week think I will try the HOT WING TAPER method

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2/20/13 10:24 A

Ditto with RUSSELL.

Carbs actually create those cravings. If you can cut that back, you may find you're not fighting hunger. There's a whole cascade of hormonal and metabolic reasoning for this, but without going into all that, suffice to say that you can save yourself from at least the cravings part of the program by paying closer attention to *what* you eat than how much. You really won't be fighting the portion sizes if you can manage the carbs. Honest.

I find that if I'm having trouble with one specific food, I just absent myself from it. It's not in the house. I don't go places where I can get it. I reorient my brain toward other foods that I also like but aren't the subject of the current crave. After the snackmonster in me ceases to whine for the food in question, I can sometimes go back to rare indulgences with it. Not always, but I don't have to automatically give up everything I've ever loved to make it where I want to be.

You can do it. It's just a matter of getting used to a new pattern in your eating. Any change requires a period of adjustment. Your body doesn't really know what's up, either! Kind of like a kid that's been raised in the country, trying to learn not to run out in the street in a city. They don't like it. It's not "normal." It takes time.

Give yourself that time.

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2/20/13 9:59 A

I have not eaten any wings for a week - and I love some of the suggestions - especially slowly tapering of the wings instead quitting them all together

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2/17/13 7:54 P

I love wings, too. So if I order them I share them. Or I only order a small portion.

Personality when I eat carbs I feel satisfied. If I only eat protein and vegetables, I binge.

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2/17/13 5:45 P

It often isn't just overeating but also a lack of activity.

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2/17/13 12:04 P

Actually, I'm in favor of hunger. Not liking it, but in favor of it.

We live in a rich country, food-wise. Food is affordable and usually accessible. You can even have food delivered from your supermarket (a large market in my area has that online ordering and delivery service) or even from amazon. What makes people legitimately suffer from hunger can be economic hardship. If that's the case for you, then I agree: the local food pantry can be challenging when you are stressed AND on a diet.

But for others, hunger can be just a feeling that signals you are going to enjoy your next meal. When I was a kid, I was often hungry, and I was NOT a deprived child. I was a child of that era in which there was not constant snacking. Certainly, my parents watched the budget so x amount of dollars was spent each week on food. We might get a snack when we came home from school, but it could be Tang and some crackers. And not eaten until we were 'full,' but just eaten because it was a ritual-coming-home-transition thing. And it would 'tide us over until dinner's ready.'

We ate three meals and had that snack, as kids. I was hungry, yeah, later in the afternoon. ''ll spoil your dinner...' was the answer if I wanted something to eat.. I had to wait until dinner to eat!

Visiting my friends' houses after school revealed they had the same kinds of rules about 'no snacks' in their homes.That was another era.

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2/17/13 10:20 A

I overeat therefor I am overweight.... LOL So true!!!!!
But I am working on controlling my portions (really really hard), And SP helps me to justify what I put into my mouth, how many calories am I consuming?!?!! It helps me stop and think (For the most part) Before I just eat it. I

I am slowly getting better, slowly. I also notice that days i get enough sleep and days I work out are much better than the opposite types of days.

I also know if I slip up I can get right back upand start over with eating right, I Do Not have to wait till tomarrow to do so... an opps happens. (Trust me and the empty ice cream container) It happens. But the rest of the day is still a chance to do right by yourself - donot use it as an excuse to 'blow' an entire day!

Good luck and happy portion control!!! emoticon

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2/17/13 10:16 A

ease out of it instead of trying to make drastic changes. in other words, if you love wings, have your wings. just try to start leaving one bite left. once you can do that, start leaving two bites. then up to three, and then start having one less wing than you would have before. keep easing down the amount you are actually eating until it becomes a manageable level.

another thing you can do is to pair the wings with a complementary food. since i hate poultry, i'm going to share what i did with nachos so you can take the idea and tweak it to your scenario. instead of having just cheese and chips like i would have before, i had [a little less] cheese and chips and i added carrots on the side with a little bit of hot sauce to dip in. and yes, i made myself alternate chip and carrot, chip and carrot. or i would do the whole shebang: bean based spiciness [chili or taco seasoned], chips, cheese, salsa, lettuce, avocado, tomato, salsa so that i was getting what i wanted, but as an actual substantial and filling meal.
for your scenario you could add celery sticks [with no ranch] or steamed broccoli or cauliflower to help space out and balance the wings. or perhaps you could make a wrap of it. make chicken with your favorite wing seasoning and put it in a wrap with lots of veggies. or use that same seasoning that you like for a pasta dish that's heavily cut with veggies.

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2/17/13 10:09 A

The question is.. why do you overeat? Are you hungry, or is it cravings?

I couldn't control my eating until I started eating low carb. Certain types of carbs caused me to just continue eating, even after it hurt because I was so full. I cut them out, and now I just do not overeat, and eventually, I will not be overweight.

Hunger isn't normal. You are either depriving your body of something essential, or eating a trigger food that causes cravings. Find out what it is, and you will regain control of your eating.

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2/17/13 9:13 A

Body by hotwings - is what I jokingly call myself - I have to stop this now as I am competing with age - any suggestions to STOP this overeating

btw - I am hungry why I am typing this emoticon

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