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BECCALULU Posts: 272
10/4/11 12:03 A

Without completely spilling my guts, I'd like to sincerely suggest long walks, music, being outdoors as much as possible and reading some Wayne Dyer.
If you change the way you see people, you will also change the way they see you.
It also sounds like you might need to befriend YOURSELF.
You have just as much greatness in you as anyone on the planet!
Here is a link to some Dr.Dyer quotes:


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10/3/11 11:33 P

The other people have made really supportive comments in suggesting you go see someone, because sometimes it s hard to go about things on your own. Seeing as your faith is really something that is important to you, definitely go speak to your spiritual leader, whomever that may be, and perhaps ask if they can recommend a pastoral counselor (someone who not only has religious training, but psychological training as well). If you'd like to find one yourself, the link is here, and you can search by area or religious denomination. Especially because you said you were worried about a hospital setting, working with a pastoral counselor may be more along the lines of what may work for you.

When I looked on that site, I also saw that National Depression Screening Day is October 6th, so if that's something you are interested in the link is here

10/3/11 5:24 P

I bet your pastor would love to hear from you! If you feel you are stretching him too thin, ask him if he can recommend someone.

How deep are you in the word? Are you reading something from a Christian perspective every day? Are you GROWING in your faith? Meaning, since you have become a Christian, is someone mentoring you? Ask your pastor to introduce you to a mature Christian lady at your church of about the same age. Have you checked your local area for Christian support groups? there are even Christian singles groups - not for dating but just for hanging out with other good people. They have activities and meetings.

Just ideas for you to consider

JW_SILVER Posts: 71
10/3/11 4:29 P


It may just be my state of mind, but I do not see how I can manage my life with a doctor's care. It is not my place to argue, but antidepressants are not appropriate, hospitalization would set me back even farther, I have nothing to depend on in my life, no family, no friends. I wish it wasn't true that I am so alone, but it is. It is my feeling that I have stretched the patience of my pastor too thin. When nothing is going right, nothing is going right.

I will try the group you suggested. That is good.

JW_SILVER Posts: 71
10/3/11 4:21 P

Hi Nancy,

I hope my request is not inappropriate. I have found everyone including yourself to be very helpful.


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10/3/11 4:05 P

Hello, JW_SILVER !

Are you under the care of a therapist or doctor for your depression ? You don't have to do this alone, there are professionals who can help. Start with your doctor. They can refer you to a local therapist. They can also recommend you to local support groups.

If you don't have a doctor or would rather not work with a doctor, have you talked to your pastor/minister ? Talk to someone in church that you trust. Some churches have support groups for their parishioners. That's worth looking into.

Otherwise, why not do a google search to see if their are support groups for people with depression in your area. If you can't find a local group, then join an online group. That's one way to connect with other people. Have you joined the Spark Team for members with depression ? If not, you could join this team and talk with fellow members. that might give you some relief.

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10/3/11 4:03 P

Hi JW,

Although you can get a lot of great support here at SP, I want to strongly encourage you to get in touch directly with someone qualified to help you deal with the depression you are experiencing. Unfortunately offering advice from both our members and experts is outside our scope of knowledge to guide you through here on SparkPeople.

Depression is a medical condition that can be treated—it is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed to talk about. Medical professionals understand this, and can help you find an effective combination of medication and other treatment that will work for you, so be sure to get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. If you don’t have insurance, there are plans available to help people pay for medications and services—just ask your doctor or pharmacist.

I hope this helps. Please let us know how things go.

Coach Nancy

JW_SILVER Posts: 71
10/3/11 3:54 P

Hi All,

I have posted in the past during my times of crisis. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive. I found God and Jesus Christ so life's burden has been lessened. Even though things have been unbearable I decided to stick it out. I tried just accepting my hardships and difficulties as lessons to learn and one day life would get better. I look at SparkPeople e-mails and wait for life to get better. Just to be clear, I realize that there may be a strong negative tone in this note, but there is no cause for alarm or concern.

I have nowhere to turn, I am on my own. I have no family and my friends are acquaintances at best. My perception is negatively distorted but it seems like everyone is turning their back on me. What I thought was my greater acceptance of my life now seems more like shutting down and letting go. The suffering for the past two years has gotten the better of me. I can't go on SSRI as I need to concentrate, and hospital treatment will create other complications. I exercise and I eat better, but I still feel I am drifting away into the abyss. I have tried St. John's Wort, 5HTP, and L-tyrosine. L-tyrosine worked best but is not available anymore.

I have to get out of my severe depression, I have to do it on my own (with God of course). Anyone suggest anything? I am willing to try anything before my life completely caves in.

Thank you,

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