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4/26/11 7:14 P

The ones that are listed as 100-150% of the RDA...I can give you the amount for 100%. Just let me know the nutrients you need.
Dietitian Becky

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4/26/11 6:35 P

yes, that does help!! Thank you so much!!

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4/26/11 6:28 P

Hi Caroline!

Sodium is always in mg, if that helps any!

Best of luck with your project :)

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4/26/11 6:27 P

thanks so much for the advice :)

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4/26/11 6:23 P

Hi Caroline,

I would imagine that they are all in the same measurements - However, they are all in % of RDA, so try research the 'commonly used measurement' and work out if the percentages match; this would be my best solution.

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4/26/11 6:16 P

Hi my name is Caroline and I am a college student taking Nutrition. I've learned so much and realize how important it is to know what you re eating too much of and what your body is lacking.
I have to do a Dietary Analysis project and I think I am over thinking one thing. When I look at My Nutrition Tracker and it shows me how much Vitamin A, E, C, and D I consumed I do not know what it is measured in. My vitamin A says IU so I converted it to mcg then to mg. but it does not state (or that I have seen) what anything else is measured in. LIke is sodium in mg or g for my daily total?

I am really sorry to put this up on the message board, I just do not know what to do, and I think I am just really over thinking this. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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