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6/20/13 3:44 P

Waiting a couple of weeks more is much better than being sidelined again for 6-8 weeks, isn't it?

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6/20/13 2:41 P

As someone who has bursitis in both hips and underwent PT for it, and was ordered to do only NON-impact cardio (hard to find, let me tell ya) and strength training that wouldn't effect my hips AT ALL, I totally get where you're coming from...

I do agree completely with SIMONEKP...100%. Always ask your doctor, we are not medical professionals.
That said, there are definitely arm and ab exercises that you can do seated and not have it effect your knee... If you engage your abs and crunch down, you will still work the could also try lying on your bed with your torso partly off (and legs lying across the bed to keep any straing off that knee!!) and doing crunches that way. You can also stand (if allowed to stand), link your fingers behind your head, engage your abs, and twist down (right elbow toward left hip, left elbow toward right hip)...
For arms, you should be able to do some seated shoulder presses and dumbbell curls (make sure not to brace with your legs, though!!), and for triceps you could do the pullovers (hold the weight behind your head with both hands and pull over your head, using the triceps to lift it)...

Definitely (DEFINITELY) check with your doctor, but as long as you're not using your leg AT ALL (not for bracing, lifting, bending, etc), you should be okay, in my personal experience.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,617
6/19/13 2:51 P

you need to consult with your doctor and PT regarding what exercises are safe for you post-surgery

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,621
6/19/13 8:19 A

Did your doctor clear you to exercise without using your knee? My concern is that you mentioned that your doctor didn't clear you to exercise. If he/she cleared you for exercises not using your knee, we have a limited mobility section that you may find helpful in finding exercises that you can do that don't involve your knee:
. But please make sure you are listening to your doctor, as they know your injury and situation best. You really don't want to cause further damage and re-injure yourself by starting back too soon.

Coach Denise

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6/18/13 10:42 P

In a nutshell........With your crutches for stabilization, you can do curtsey squats with the good leg. You can also use the seated leg press at the gym if you go, as well as calf extensions, leg extensions, leg curls. For my abs, I did crunches and modified Russian Twists with medicine balls.

All upper body exercises can be done using body weight and circuit training machines. Crutches will help you get around better in the gym setting (I speak from experience) and they will give you one serious upper body workout and be great for a warm up as well. My triceps were toned and bulging inside of just a couple of weeks when I was laid up with a broken tibia. Although I had to modify some of the exercises, I still worked every other part of my body. I carried my protein shake and my water in a back pack that I toted with me throughout the gym. Yes it was slow going, but nonetheless, I kept on.....

The added protein from my smoothies helped my fracture heal completely in 5 weeks.

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6/18/13 10:37 P

So a month ago I had knee surgery. It has impacted a lot of what I do. In fact, I was supposed to have been cleared today to start working out again like I use to, but instead my doctor told me I need to wait another 2-4 weeks. I am going crazy because I haven't worked out. Right now I am looking for some arm, ab, and back exercises I can do until I am able to be back on my knee. Any ideas?

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