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I finally posted my abuelita's arroz con pollo in the spark recipes using the recipe calculator and you can put it in your tracker. Look for Nanny's arroz con pollo or message me and I will send you the link. Salud!

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9/7/11 12:17 P

I loved your ideas. Thank you. I'm going to go home and see how I can adapt some of my recipes and make them healthier. I've just been using the same recipes but eating less of them.

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9/2/11 2:56 A

Hello fellow PR, I understand where you are coming from as I sometimes find myself daydreaming about a big plate of Puerto Rican food. I can only offer tips because as we all know recipes vary from house to house.

Carne Guisada
Instead of Beef I use chicken breasts cut into chunks.
Spray a pot with nonstick cooking spray and add a sofrito made of onions, garlic, a small amount of pimento stuffed olives, cilantro, chopped tomatoes and if you want green pepper. Cook untill it gets soft and add your chicken chunks. Cook untill chicken turns white and add tomato paste cook untill the tomato paste is sticky and browning. At this point add a little salt if you want but I usually don't because the olives are salty. Add enough water to cover and some potato chunks and simmer untill delicious. Serve with plain white rice. This recipe should be very low in fat (olives and chicken have fat).

Put a small amount of oil in a half sheet pan and spread it around. Put the pan in a 350 degree oven untill warmed up not hot. Add your sliced plantains spray the top with cooking spray. Bake untill golden brown flipping once. (Still has fat but lower than frying)

Arroz con Gandules
Instead of Achoite oil use a packet of Goya Sazon and make a sofrito like for the Carne Asada. No sausage or ham! (if you use it) I used to make it like this all the time anyways. Only cook your sofrito in cooking spray and add the Sazon to that. This rice and beans dish will have virtually no fat but you have to watch your portions because rice is high in calories per cup.

Tres Leches or Flan
Did you know evaporated and condensed milk comes in Fat Free? I've tried both and they taste virtually the same as full fat versions plus if you make the cake without egg yolks the fat content is cut down. I've never made flan with skim milk and I suspect the result would be runny so maybe 1% or fat free half and half and cut down on the egg yolks used.

There are so many more recipes but you can see where I am going here. Replace as much fat as you can with a nonfat counter part and cut out fatty ingredients and you can still have your Puerto Rican Food. Good Luck!

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9/1/11 10:53 P

I am a puertorican women that have a hard time making my loved Hispanic recipes healthy.......Please

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