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4/15/13 7:40 P

elliptical or bike

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4/15/13 7:35 P

There are so many great workout videos here for free! If you're going to be running you can bypass a lot of the cardio ones (unless something looks too FUN to pass up). But look up "core workouts" and "upper body workouts" Some are tailored to be easier or harder and many require no equipment. It's just like planning meals: shop around and plan your workouts. Change it up and keep it fun: you won't lose motivation.

Also: advertise that you're looking for a workout buddy: you can each choose a few workouts, then try them and talk about them a bit: plus that will help you motivate each other!

Good luck!

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4/15/13 6:31 P

Have you tried the SP workout generator?

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4/15/13 3:32 P

Hey everbody :)

I would really like someone to help me find a workout routine.
I've done running for quite a while now, though not lately as I don't like running in the cold.. But one of my goals is to build more muscle and to do that I need to do strength training.. Which is something I know nothing about :P
So some info about me:

- I want to get more fit in general, so full body workouts please :D
- I have absolutely NO upper body or core strength and that is the area I want to focus on most
- I enjoy running and 'plan' to do so regularly now that the summer approaches
- I don't have any equipment at home and really don't have the cash to buy any
- I do have access to a gym with basic facilities and group training (budypump, spinning etc.)
- I tend to lose motivation, especially when I have to go to the gym

That's just about everything :) If anyone can help it would be most appreciated

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