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4/13/14 3:49 P

University student as well here. I'll cook one or two nights a week. And then those leftovers become my lunches during the week. It works out pretty well for me to have my lunch as my biggest meal of the day. Lot healthier and you can get the macros to be whatever you want instead of the commerical options which tend to be heavy on the carbs even with the healthy choices.

Any chance of bringing leftovers and a little cooler? I have a soft sided one I just clipped onto my backpack with a caribeaner. A tupperware and ice pack fits perfectly in there. Send me a message and I can give you options both with and without a microwave available

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4/13/14 1:39 P

I have a hectic job and don't always have access to a fridge, etc so i keep a few john west light lunches and a tupperware of fruit in my bag at all times. The lunches are all under 250 then add fruit until you are full. :)

4/13/14 1:19 P

You may want to keep some of the healthier frozen meals in your freezer--great with a salad or piece of fruit.

HMR is a weight loss company that also has "shelf stable" meals that you can add veggies to, or have a piece of fruit. You can get them on-line. They work nicely for busy college students with little refrigerator/freezer space.

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Since you don't like salads, I would go with a lettuce wrap, soup, or pack a lunch and dinner to get in some veggies. Chopped \veggies, turkey rollups, greensmoothies, string cheese, tuna packets, fresh fruit all travel well.
Every cafeteria I've ever been to offers some steamed veggie.

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4/12/14 9:08 P

I always like raw veggies and humus or tzatziki. Maybe wraps? A bit different than a regular sandwich. Or, soup in a thermos. A big favourite of mine.

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4/12/14 9:06 P

Hi, I am a university student, so I end up spending a lot of time either on campus or at the library, which then leads to many lunches (and sometimes dinners) at the cafe on campus or getting subway, Macdonald's or Gregg's.

Obviously this isn't good, but I'm really bad at planning lunches. Usually, it's sandwiches and some fruit, but that's boring and I end up going to the cafeteria anyway and getting some chocolate to snack on. I'm asking if anyone can help this fussy eater plan some lunches that aren't sandwiches and also preferably aren't pasta or salad based (never liked salad and not a big fan of cold pasta :/).

Please help me!

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