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AHURD80 Posts: 2,665
4/10/11 8:49 A

nevermind I see you have found it already :)

AHURD80 Posts: 2,665
4/10/11 8:48 A

Hello. I just posted to that blog. Here it is.

PRANA_DANCER SparkPoints: (36,969)
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4/9/11 8:57 A

Go to google and type "" and after it write all the words you can remember. That's how I usually find the blogs I want to find again.

Good luck! I wish I could be of more help.

Your happiness is up to you. Whatever happened in your life to make you who you are up until the point you realize this is irrelevant. It is your responsibility now to take control and change your life to be what you want it to be.

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QUADJ_216 SparkPoints: (3,948)
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4/9/11 8:45 A

what was the persons name I still can't find it.Thanks

SMARTYPANTS24 Posts: 268
4/6/11 11:41 P

I think you're talking about the "What have you lost?" thread here on the message boards?

I tried searching for it, but I couldn't find it either :(


Aha! Just found it while looking for something else :)

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QUADJ_216 SparkPoints: (3,948)
Fitness Minutes: (3,600)
Posts: 87
4/6/11 8:58 P

I think it was last week I read a blog where this lady put the weights of stuff. Example 5 lbs a bag of potatoes, etc. Was going to print it out ot put on my fridge but was out of ink. Now I have ink and can't find the blog!! Thanks

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