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6/25/13 7:09 A

All good suggestions for you......Walking will really help you feel better too......Look for a church in your area that might provide free meals on a regular basis......Best of luck to you...will be praying for you and sending positive thoughts/ prayers your way.....

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6/24/13 11:23 P

This is a dilemma that many people face- myself included. Granted you are not going to be able to follow the meal plans on here on your budget, there are areas that you can improve on.
1. Water. Drink an amount proportionate to your body weight. A quick google search on how much water to drink should give you instructions on how many oz you need. Water comes out of the faucet of every home. Pretty cheap.
2. Calorie counting. (regardless of whether or not the food is the healthiest, calories are calories). Still use the calorie counters here on sparkpeople. This will give you an idea of how many calories you are consuming.
3. Exercise. As much as you can stand it. Exercise 6 days a week if you have to, for 60 consecutive minutes. Use internet sites such as youtube to find many free workouts.
4. Portions, reduce by 10-20%. Pay close attention to the portion size of the foods you are eating.
5. Healthier options WHEN affordable such as frozen veggies, frozen fruits, beans (the real kind you have to cook- not the canned or frozen kind)

Anything is possible with planning and hard work. Good luck.

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6/24/13 10:01 P

Congrats on deciding to try to make healthier choices despite some pretty huge obstacles. It sounds like a really stressful situation and I hope you find your way onto more stable ground soon.

I think making small changes is the way to go. You don't have to/ can't go all-or-nothing at this point, but many people find that more sustainable change happens as a result of making small, better choices many times a day. So, my advice would be to do the best that you can do within your situation, and don't be too hard on yourself on the days when you can't make the choices you'd like to. Walking is great, free exercise, and that might help managing your weight. Cut out sugary stuff if you're eating or drinking it (like pop). And try to find creative ways to get more healthy food; many cities have community gardens and/or food box programs that let you access healthier food for cheaper than grocery store prices. Some volunteer places (I used to work at a drop-in centre) let you eat there in exchange for a little bit of work. It's absolutely true that what a friend calls 'poverty food' is ridiculously cheap (the price doesn't account for the toll it takes on our bodies). But some googling around about how to eat healthily on a very small budget should find you some results too.

Best of luck and sending lots of strength your way.

6/24/13 9:43 P

I gained 20 pounds that I lost two years ago, leaving me at 200 pounds and 5'2. I want to lose the weight. It makes me feel uncomfortable in my body. I decided as of yesterday to try using Spark people again but there's one problem. Back when I lost those 20 pounds with this site the first time, I was in an economically different situation. Today, as we speak, I have one bag of frozen vegetables and 3 dollars. That's it. After those things are gone, I may not have an assured source of food. I can't just get a job, I'm a mentally unfit minor in my state. It's cheaper to eat unhealthier for people like me. A pound of plums costs 1.99 and I can get 4 meals of ramen or more for the same cost. So I guess my question is this,
Should I, in my current impoverished state, really pursue this diet regardless or should I hold off until things get a little more financially better?

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