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1/26/14 1:01 P

Thanks, Jenni. I just finished a strength training workout. It feels awesome! The best part was now I can see my muscles flexing when I lift weights so it makes me push harder. I used to just have flab all over and couldn't see any muscle lol. It's motivating.

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1/26/14 11:23 A

1. You may just have to reduce your calorie intake by a small amount

2. Yes because if you *don't* strength train up to 30% of your weight loss will come from lean muscle and tissue. Strength training while losing weight helps combat muscle loss.

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1/26/14 11:13 A

I have bad bursitis in my hip so I'm going to calm down on my cardio and instead, incorporate more strength training into my routine. I was doing 45 mins of cardio 5 times a week. I now am going to do 3x a week of cardio, and 2-3x a week of strength training. I don't have a big weight system but I do have dumbbells so I can do those kinds of exercises, along with body weight exercises such as pushups, sit ups, lunges, etc. My goal is to lose 15 more pounds by June 1st which I know is completely attainable, but I want my body to look more toned/defined when I get there. My concern is this: 1- Will I still steadily lose weight if I reduce my cardio and increase my strength training? And 2 - Will strength training help me to look more defined at my goal weight than if I did only cardio and no strength exercises?

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