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6/5/13 11:20 P

May I ask, who is the girl in the photo? IF it is you and fairly recent, then I don't see overweight, but instead someone on the verge of thin. IF I am wrong with my assumption, then I apologize.

It might be something as simple as the style of clothing you wear (or colouring) isn't appropriate for your shape/size. Don't worry about what you see in the mirror or photos - often people don't see themselves in the real way that others see them. It is a form of body dysmorphia when that happens, and is far more common than people realize. Think Michael Jackson and a myriad of other stars who have overdone surgical procedures and/or botox treatments, when really they haven't needed them AT ALL because there was nothing wrong to start with!

Take care,

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6/5/13 9:16 P

I would recommend focusing more on what you are doing to change your body rather than the photos on facebook. You are here and that is a great first step towards creating healthier habits and making a healthy lifestyle change. Focus on that instead of the pictures. The more positive and healthy habits you create and maintain, even something as simple as exercising for 10 minutes a day, drinking water, or choosing healthier options at your meal or snack times will help you get closer to reaching your goals and that should make you feel good - note that feeling and stick with that positive feeling. It may not be easy, but you can do it!

Also, here are some articles about positive self-talk and the power of positive thinking that you may find helpful:

Coach Denise

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6/4/13 6:02 P

I just posted my motivation. Maybe it could help you.

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6/4/13 6:00 P

I've been traveling almost constantly for the last year, and I've gained quite a bit of weight. I'm miserable about it, though I'm trying to be positive. I keep falling off of the wagon however, due to being on the road. I really need some help feeling motivated, and to not despair of my appearance in the mirror. Do you have any tips? How do you stay positive, and keep from having your self esteem ripped to shreds when you see photos of yourself on facebook? emoticon

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