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1/7/14 9:28 P

I agree... that calorie range sounds too low for your current weight. 1500 cals is the bare minimum a man should eat. I'd stick to your Spark calorie range; make sure you've entered a realistic weekly loss (1-2 lbs/week) and how many calories you burn per week through exercise into your "Fitness Setup".

Aside from that, your exercise plan sounds more realistic and maintainable than your previous one. Exercising more, just makes you hungrier. I know from experience, I used to weight train 4x a week and was insatiable. I cut back to a shorter routine 3x/week and finally got a wrangle over my hunger.

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1/7/14 3:55 P

i have the same problem. still trying to figure it all out.

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1/6/14 1:54 P


At your current weight and activity level, 1500-1700 is low. I'm not a dietitian, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. But at 233 pounds, if you were to do intense cardio for 30 minutes, that could put your NET intake around 1200-1500 per day depending on how many calories you burn during that 30 minute workout.

I weigh around 150 and consider myself pretty active. I eat 2,000-2300 a day just to be able to maintain my weight. An active person needs to fuel their body with the food they eat. If you want to continue to do intense cardio, you'll need to eat more.

food = energy and no food = no energy.

If you cut your calories too low, you're going to notice a drop off in performance i.e. continued fatigue. Instead, I really would suggest concentrating on the quality of the calories you're taking in. Weight loss is nothing more than a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. if you're eating right, watching your portions and getting a little regular exercise, the weight will come off on its own.

While it's true that most Americans eat too much and need to eat less, the problem is that they are eating too much of the wrong food and not enough of the right food. If you are eating nutrient dense foods, you will lose weight and you won't have to kill yourself in the gym.

There really are no fast ways to lose weight. Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time.

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1/6/14 1:35 P

What is your SparkPeople recommended calorie range? How many pounds of weight loss per week have you set for your program? 1500-1700 calories could be a little low, depending on the range the program gives you.

I agree that no one needs to exercise for 1-2 hours a day unless they are training for some kind of endurance event. It can actually make weight loss more difficult if you're doing a ton of exercise. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to your workout. As long as you are establishing habits you can live with forever, that's what matters most.

Coach Jen

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1/6/14 12:41 P

I burnt myself out from exercising every day for between 1-2 hours. I got to the point where I couldn't even sleep a full night without waking up and thinking "I'm up I need to start exercising" it's like I began to obsess over it. To prevent this from happening again, I'm thinking of doing only 30 mins of hard cardio a day, and give myself 2 days off per week to rest. I might go for a walk or something on those days but not intense cardio. I'm also going to change my eating habits. I was exercising long and hard every day, but I was eating more than I should at around 2500 calories a day. I'm going to cut back to 1500-1700 calories per day from now on. I'm thinking that since I will not be exercising so long and hard, that I will no longer be as hungry. How does this plan sound? I'm just worried about not losing any more weight since I am going from average 60 mins hard cardio daily to 30 mins daily, and resting twice a week verses no rest days.

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