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Like you goal for the Military

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Hey all! I'm in need of a motivation/accountability buddy that I can keep in contact with (preferably daily) for that little boost of motivation, daily accountability, or just to chat if needed. While my friends and family try to be supportive of me they don't all truly understand my motivations and what I'm doing or why. Anyway a little about me:
I'm 25
I work night shift as a home care nurse
I'm doing Paleo (1 week into it!)
One of my primary goals with weight loss is to enlist into the Army or Air Force reserves. I went through Air Force BMT in 2007 but went home with a leg injury (I'm eligible for enlistment)
Oh and I have 2 horses and dogs that are my kids :)

I'm looking for someone with at least some of this in common with me. If you wanna be my buddy please comment with a little about yourself!

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