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10/12/10 1:24 P

Hi everyone! Ive been a member here for quite some time but you know how life goes, Ive just been everywhere trying to find something to commit to.

Gaining a lot of weight right after highschool (6 years now) and always being in a battle to lose it, Im finally trying to DO it since my wedding is next year and I REFUSE to get married at my current size.

SO, Ive been engaged for a year now and have only lost 10 pounds with no significant change in clothes fitting. I feel like the best way to keep on track is by competing with others for a goal/prize. A friendly competition could be the thing that forces me to stay on the ball and finally change my life. Im not dieting, im doing this the right way by cutting out unnatural foods/drinks and making a life change to eat for fuel and exercise daily.

So my question is: Do you know of any competitions taking sign ups right now or are you interested in starting our own? Something that goes by % of bodyweight lost and weigh ins etc. I dont exactly have the time to run it or else I would be asking my network on facebook to sign up and get it going in my area. But I am REALLY interested in joining a competition!

Thanks for your help!

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