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1/6/10 11:23 P

I'll keep a look in from time to time, if you post on sparkpeople it will show as an activity on their friend feed and earn you 3 sparkpoints a day

4 Noble Truths

1. Suffering is a part of life
2. Suffering is caused by our attachments and avoidances.
3. Suffering can be ended.
4. Freedom from suffering is possible by following the Eightfold path.

Bigotry disguised as morality is still bigotry just as an outhouse with
marble columns is still an outhouse.
--D. A. Ridgely

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Bears, growling the pounds away, PHILADELPHIA IS ON THE MOVE,
Living Life on a Shoes
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1/6/10 10:44 P

I subscribed also. My first RSS feed, so keep it entertaining :)

JWRYALS82 Posts: 80
1/6/10 10:44 P

Thank You! I will certainly try!

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1/6/10 10:40 P

I subscribed also. My first RSS feed, so keep it entertaining :)

JWRYALS82 Posts: 80
1/6/10 7:46 P

And as far as the "no red meat" thing, I am just trying it out as a personal goal. I will probably wind up eating it like once a week though. I love cow and pig as much as the next guy does

JWRYALS82 Posts: 80
1/6/10 7:44 P

Thank you very much. It really means a lot to me that people are actually reading. Have you ever started a blog and felt like you were the only one reading it? Soon I am really going to get on the ball and add some pics, and as soon as I get the Sony Webbie I have my eyes on, I am going to start doing videos. 2010 is going to be my year to become a blog and vlog machine!

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,720
1/5/10 2:24 P

I took a look at today's entry. Why are you going on a "no red meat" diet?

THEBUCKET Posts: 119
1/5/10 1:45 P

I've subscribed to the RSS feed, and I now have all your backdated posts available in my Google Reader account - Will be reading them soon!

JWRYALS82 Posts: 80
1/5/10 1:07 P

I started a new blog and I would like it if people started reading it and leaving their input! Here is the link:

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