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12/1/12 10:12 P

so it's been raining cats and dogs. So did you step in a Poodle.........?

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12/1/12 10:50 A

That sucks for you....but you have days like that.

I walk and run in the rain as long as there's no lightning. In the summertime, a good run in the rain is the best lol.

Of course, your dogs don't smell the best after a walk in the rain...and it's more of a pain than it's worth (like trying to keep your wet dog off the furniture).

Good luck...I'm sure the rain will stop soon.

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12/1/12 9:46 A

It has been raining really hard in the past few days. It has rained dogs and cats. It is very difficult to get out. Not only because of the rain but the street is very slippery with the wet leaves. Oh well, we need the rain for a long time and cannot complain what God gives us.

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