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VICKIZIG Posts: 21
7/8/14 9:55 P

It's so sad that SP didn't renew its license. emoticon If you want to access the same basic feed from the vendor that previously supplied this to SP, you can find it at:

The HealthDay site also lists their licensees, and some of these sites are attractive options too. For those interested, you can find the list here:
m. Here's a sample of their information on licensee sites, including some diet/health sites:

HealthDay is featured on more than 5,000 websites including:

eHealth & Media
MSN Healthy Living
Everyday Health
US News & World Report
Western Schools
Better Medicine from HealthGrades
ShareCare from Dr. Oz

2DAWN4 SparkPoints: (168,483)
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7/5/14 1:07 P

Online Now  • ))
Me too!

DENRNAJ SparkPoints: (102,693)
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7/4/14 2:23 A

Thanks for the 411 emoticon

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7/3/14 11:32 P

I figured it must be something like that. Thanks!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,415
7/3/14 1:20 P

Sorry about that! We weren't able to negotiate a new contract with the supplier of that material, which is why it was removed.

Coach Jen

MISSG180 SparkPoints: (151,368)
Fitness Minutes: (73,311)
Posts: 9,761
7/3/14 10:38 A

I learned a lot about things going on in medicine and science through the Health News feature. I'm disappointed that it's gone. I understand that there may be reasons for this decision that I don't know about, but I thought I'd just give you that feedback. Thanks!

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