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CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,461)
Fitness Minutes: (22,671)
Posts: 827
1/29/13 8:15 A

they are annoying me. : (

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (80,279)
Fitness Minutes: (85,382)
Posts: 2,489
1/29/13 8:10 A

They get pretty irritating after they pop up in front of your food tracker fifty times while trying to plan out your meals. It annoyed me so much, I wouldn't even bother to read their ad. Hate popups.

BESCATS SparkPoints: (229,789)
Fitness Minutes: (71,372)
Posts: 26,785
1/28/13 8:17 P

I don't mind the ads so much, but them popping up in the middle of the screen is annoying.

SPARKLINGME176 Posts: 10,432
1/28/13 8:06 P

I have increased my veggie intake by double! Thanks for the pretty pics! emoticon

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