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1/22/13 12:29 P

I've been meaning to look into more information on calorie cycling to try for maintenance. Thanks for the link!

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1/22/13 12:08 P

Sure. I couldn't find some of the bodybuilding websites I went to. There was a great article on one but I didn't bookmark it and can't find it again.

But this one is very informative:

And this calculator will help figure out a calorie cycling plan if you're interested. You have to calculate how much you need to eat to lose weight first and then it will give you the option of choosing "zig zag diet plan":

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1/22/13 11:52 A

can you add some links please?

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1/22/13 8:35 A

Wow, I love calorie cycling. Not only because it helped break me through my last plateau (I lost 2 lbs this week since I started after being stuck for 2-3 weeks) but because it just takes the monotony out of eating the same amount every day.

I used to be so diligent about getting exactly 1300-1400 cals and then when I hit my first plateau around 135 lbs I felt my only option was to drop down to 1100-1200 cals. This worked for about 6 weeks and I lost 15 lbs but then my metabolism seemed to catch on and weight loss came to another hault. I was frustrated, what was my next plan of action? I was already working out intensely and at the bare minimum of my calorie intake.

So after a bit of research and visits to body building websites I was revisited with calorie cycling. I had heard of it before (also called zig zag dieting) but I was skeptical and wasn't sure it would work. I made the plan to lower my calorie deficit from 5000 cals per week (approx 1100-1200 per day) to 4000 cals per week and a range of 1100-1650 cals by calorie cycling (avg. 1400 cals). I've lost 2 lbs my first week!

Not to mention I absolutely love having days where I eat low, med and high calories. It has added variety to my meals and I don't have to scrimp and eat the same things all the time. A have a few days where I can splurge (on healthy foods of course). I think the high calorie days will also help prepare me for when I'm maintaining. It will give me an opportunity to practice balancing all my macronutrients and getting all my vitamins and minerals on a higher calorie diet.

I like it so much I plan on calorie cycling while I'm maintaining my weight too.

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