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1/5/13 1:54 P

Hey don't get down on yourself!!! Keep your head up, everyone has their moment of weakness and gives in to temptation and doesn't realize it. my suggestion would be to avoid impulse eating would be to stock up on fruit and veggies and other 100 calorie snacks or healthy snacks (special k or 100 cal packs or slim fast) and get ziplock bags and put serving sizes in the bags and get a sharpie and label them as 'morning snack' 'afternoon snack'. until you can get away from the impulse snacking, this helps when you are sitting/laying down watching tv or movies.

Feel free to message me for anything, i dont mind being a helping hand! :)

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1/5/13 1:26 P

I over ate a lot yesterday. I even opened a bag of choc chips for baking and ate those in bed. I just kept going. I just could not get satisfied. I should have made my user name all or nothing.

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