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CAMMIEM4 Posts: 43
1/11/13 11:49 A

Never give up, been losing the same weight for 20 years but once you stop then everything goes down hill. Keep moving, keep motivating, and keep up the great work you have already accomplished! Great atttitude!

ONTHEPATH2 SparkPoints: (153,189)
Fitness Minutes: (150,320)
Posts: 7,151
1/11/13 10:03 A

Me too, just keep making the best choices you can!!! We can do this!!! Never quit!!!!

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,559
1/10/13 3:48 P

emoticon emoticon

MOTIVACTION2 SparkPoints: (68,674)
Fitness Minutes: (48,731)
Posts: 1,545
1/10/13 12:39 P

Not even the number on the scale can hold you back. Don't let it. Measure you success with other things like how well your clothes fit or how you feel in your body. You can make it. Keep up the good work!

PAWZ7717 SparkPoints: (9,900)
Fitness Minutes: (46,699)
Posts: 21
1/10/13 9:52 A

Today was my first gain since I started Sparkpeople and although its a little discouraging I plan to keep on track and lose it all again, I did it the first time and I KNOW I can keep it off this time!! The only way this is going to keep me down is the number on my scale. emoticon

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