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SPARX1990 Posts: 295
12/1/11 11:42 A

I completely understand! But did you know that after two weeks of not eating something (like sugar) you no longer crave for it! Its an easy concept but really hard to master. Maybe subsitute sweets for fruits with higher sugar content to satisfy the need? Good luck

12/1/11 9:47 A

Wow, that is me too. I try to keep a balance but it is so hard. Therefore, I try to keep it at a bare minimum throughout the week and weekends it depends on where I go but find I do pretty good. I find that as long as I am putting in the time to do at least 60 mins of exercise per day, which is what I aim for each week (maybe take off one or two days). Some weeks I make the 60 mins/day some weeks I don't but the main thing is to get the exercise in incorporating different exercises and then I don't feel so bad if I am cheating. I just try to cheat less. Sometimes I do good, sometimes I do bad.

Now the scale. I find that I am more depending on how my clothes are fitting. I was gauging my weight by the scale too but the scale is too unpredictable and doesn't tell the real story.

I got on the scale this moring after avoiding it for about a week and a half and discovered that I had lost about 2lbs but my clothes was telling me that something was different still I thought I had probably gained because I had only exercised two days last week because I have a problem with my knee and have to pay attention when it pains me therefore I rested it until Monday. So I was elated because the scale had moved!!!!

Exercise, exercise, exercise - watch what goes in the mouth - be encouraged - be patient it will change believe me. SP is a great resource.


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11/30/11 9:56 P

I try to only weigh myself once a week but I feel, that if I don't keep watch more frequently the numbers go up even higher. I know I think to much about my weight and I know that's not healthy. If losing weight is what I want so bad, why is it I can't stop cheating? I find I am always looking for a sugar fix. Why is there no help for the sugar addicts? Thanks for listening.

COCOA-JUMBO SparkPoints: (23,685)
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11/30/11 2:57 P

Thanks for posting the sugar article! It is so true that the less sugar you eat, the less you crave it. I gave in to the pumpkin pie, bars, and sweet puddings over Thanksgiving weekend and I've been craving sugar for the last 3 days. If I just don't eat it, I don't want it! Sounds crazy but it's true.

11/30/11 1:00 P

It happens to me too. I've decided not to get on it so much and concentrate on doing the right things, i.e. keep up with the exercising and making healthier food choices as well as tracking. I think that we have to purpose to do our part each day and use the tools available on SP - Even though it seems the scale is stuck in my house I guage by my clothes, which are a lot looser, especially in my thighs. Also, I had purchased a shirt about a year ago and didn't try it on until I got home (I live in Bermuda) and I purchased it in the USA. When I put it on, WELL - I couldn't even bring it together to button it BUT I took it out to see if it fits - WELL, I got it fasten and I must say I could've worn it but I don't like the pull effect across the bust. I was so happy, which gave me the encouragement that I definitely had lost lots of inches. So, I keep telling myself that definitely, something is working so I pat myself on the back and say to myself that by Spring, I definitely will be wearing that shirt. emoticon

NEEDTOLOSE100LB Posts: 243
11/30/11 8:44 A

Yes, the frustration of a DIET...why does it always seem that when you think you have done well, the scales turn on you..yeah, pun intended. I am a scale-aholic, but I am learning, through browsing Spark pages, personal triumphs and failures, educating myself on eating and being more aware of my surroundings (emotions, food, people - and their influence on me) It is a long road and I haven't gotten there overnight. I have taken the 4 pound gain and run the "pity myself" route in the past and given in. But now, I take it as, well what did I do DIFFERENT - not wrong, different. Guess I won't do it that way again. Life is learning on a curve...some of us have more curves than others! Take time to learn your curves...learn what works for you and what doesn't. If it doesn't work, replace it. Find the love for yourself that is in there and put it to work. If you can't find it, dig deeper...look to others to reaffirm that if you need to. If you don't have support in your life..come to Spark and send out a flare. We are here to hold you up while you get your bearings and we will let you swim on your own when you think you are ready. Just remember, if you didn't like it...change it. Only you have that control.

KTISFOCUSED Posts: 1,492
11/30/11 8:23 A

You sound like me. Funny with me I feel and look better and am right on target and then I weigh, show no loss and THEN I start cheating and then the scale goes up. That's what happened to me in the last couple weeks and now my weight is up too. Sometimes I think I just need to put my scales away and let how I feel and the knowledge that I am doing well be my guide. That scale just frustrates me too much. Have you ever thought of just putting the scale away? I think I just might and maybe weigh right before Christmas. I'll let you know what I decide.

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11/30/11 7:46 A

Hi Rachael,

Try not to let the scale determine your success (I know easier said than done), but in reality the only thing it does is measures our weight. It does not measure our health, fitness or self-worth.

Below is a link to a SparkPeople article on how to stop sugar cravings. I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

RDGALLANT SparkPoints: (832)
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11/30/11 7:40 A

I got on the scales and sure enough I was up again. I lost 2lbs last week and put 4lbs on this week. Why do I do this to myself? I know I want to lose the wt to feel better but because I am addicted to sugar and I can't seem to break the addiction. Thanks for listening Rachael.

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