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7/23/10 11:32 P


My fiance did the same thing. We had looked at a website for designs together, and the day he ordered it, he came and told me (saying I might as well know since I'll be getting the bills for it LOL as I'm the one who pays the bills). I had no idea when it was going to be ready to pick up though, or when he was actually going to propose.

Turns out he picked our anniversary date to propose (4 years!)... and in the middle of my baby shower! The jerk! LOL

7/21/10 8:32 A

Yes I did :)


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7/20/10 10:39 P

Congratulations! :)

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7/19/10 4:27 P


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7/19/10 12:34 P

You said yes, right? emoticon

7/17/10 7:58 P


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6/3/10 11:50 A

We chose the ring together and he waited a month. Dont stress; he may as well be your fiance at this point. The rest is just logistics!

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6/1/10 3:12 P

FH bought my ring 10 months before he proposed. And I knew it. Shoot--I helped design it, so to know it was in his closet SOOOOO close, yet SOOOO far, was a killer for TEN FREAKIN' MONTHS!!

Good luck!!! Don't peak :)

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5/31/10 12:36 A

I knew a girl who knew the ring was in the house and she demanded it from him!!! I couldn't believe it! Who would have the nerve! stay strong!!! And future congrats!

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5/5/10 8:39 A

Hang tight! It will be a moment you will want to remember for the rest of your life. Use the anticipation to motivate you towards your goals!

5/4/10 2:25 P

So I know 100% there's a ring for me. 1) I've seen the statement come in the mail (NO I DIDN'T OPEN IT!!) 2) I actually know where the box is (No, I didn't look, lol). 3) He's been talking about it and poking his business about my ring size.

I guess I just need to vent. WHEN!? Our anniversary is coming up in June. I wonder if he'll wait that long! It's not even the ring--I just can't wait to call him my fiance :)

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