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12/14/12 2:37 P

XYCFIT: I may be a little like you in that I do use the scale for tracking my daily progress. I know that it fluctuates though so although I use it as a measure of progress I realize that the number I see every morning is not an accurate representation of my progress. Sodium & water play such a huge role in those changes for me and most... my sodium intake changes on a daily basis.. higher sodium days lead to water being held by the body so more weight. I have started noticing the trends in higher weight after higher sodium intake days.

So to answer your question.. I stay motivated by taking it one day at a time. Not letting the previous day's "food failures" or "exercise failures" linger in my mind. Each day is a new start and if you are a goal driven individual like me.. set goals for yourself and you will stay motivated just by thinking about how far you have come and how much you want to get to where you are going. But, do it the right way. Take your time.

Good luck!

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I just keep moving forward and don't let the scale decide how my day is going to be. Like others said focus on other messures. If you truly are going backwards do take a second look at how you are doing. Are you eating more then you are recording, are you over counting exercise. I'm not saying that's what's happening, but if things continue and no other signs point to progress then you might have to take a second look at how you are doing.

Also some times we just have a bad week. Don't let that bad week undo all of the good things you are doing.

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12/14/12 12:54 P

I know it's holiday time, but that doesn't give me license to throw away everything that I have accomplished so far. I don't pay any attention to the scale so fluctuation of weight I don't really see. As the previous poster said, look at your non-scale victories. I have too many to list here.

The way I see the holidays is just another day. there may be more parties or more temptations, but it is just another day.

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12/14/12 11:31 A

Look to your non scale victories to stay motivated. Make one good choice, then make another.

12/14/12 6:10 A

I easily fall into the weigh myself everyday with high expectations mentality and it usually breaks me. I have had to limit myself to only weighing in once a month. Thing is if you are following your diet and exercising you are always going to win. 1. You will feel better 2. Your clothes will start to feel loser. 3. You will get compliments from ppl. 4. You will feel awesome when push yourself a little more in your workout. The number on the scale is just that, a number, which means nothing when you are trying to loose weight. So many factors can fluxuate that number that you can't really rely on using a scale to gauge how much fat you are losing. Weight loss doesn't happen in an instant, when you get on a scale looking for a smaller number you could be setting yourself up for disappointment for no reason. Slow and steady wins the race and when you get on that scale after you feel like you have reached your goal it will be worth it!!!!!

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12/13/12 11:52 P

My weight fluctuates all the time. This happens. I weighed in one time 4 pounds heavier than I did the previous day, and a couple days later, I was down even further than I had been before that. It's nothing to panic about. Just keep doing what you're doing, and lower your sodium intake as that causes water retention and bloating-which looks like a gain on the scale.

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12/13/12 4:39 P

First and foremost, realize that weight loss is NOT a linear process. Gaining 3 lbs is normal! For women, especially, we can fluctuate as much as 5-10 lbs over the course of a week... even day to day! We usually gain a few pounds around the time of our menstrual cycle, too. Your weight is not a static number. An upward shift of 3 lbs is NOT necessarily fat!

I took the liberty of glancing at your sparkpage, and noticed you've been exercising... did you just start a new workout routine? A temporary upward shift when you start exercising or increase your activity level is normal, and a healthy response of your muscles to the new demands you've placed on it.

Check out why:

Hang in there. This isn't a setback. My wight loss graph is a bumpy, mountainous terrain of hills and valleys. You'll have weeks you gain, weeks you lose, weeks you stay the same. Remember that your scale is NOT the best measure of your progress!

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12/13/12 4:14 P

So weighed myself this morning, found out I am 3lb heavier than last week. OK, this is not good. As soon as I decided that I should roll out of the cruising mode and go back on track of losing the last 10-15 lb, this happens?! What to do? How do you guys stay motivated and focused on losing during the holiday season?

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