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9/21/10 7:02 P

Artlover20 - that's a great idea to ask friends for help. I've done that too, though my friends are instructed to tell me 'no' when the question is 'do I want to order in Chinese/pizza'.

It's really helped me and I bet it would help you, too. Or you could set your phone to ring an alarm every 3 hours or so?

ARTLOVER20 Posts: 35
9/21/10 6:52 P

Ok Ok ill toss the cheese puffs and buy some granola bars=) lol. Today i made a shake before my workout: banana, 2 tbsp chocolate protein powder, a little milk and ice. It was great!

Today i felt alittle less anxious and i didnt think about the calories as much as i usually do. Im still havin trouble remembering to eat. So i have an idea to tell my friends about this issue im having and have them casually remind me to eat a healthy snack.

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9/21/10 9:58 A

Oh and by 'indulgence' meal, I mean having a yummy dessert and/or a glass of wine or something that I normally wouldn't include.

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9/21/10 9:56 A

Artlover20 - what sort of soups are you eating? I've found that soups with a grain in them or a protein (beans, lentils, barley, chicken, etc.) are filling and tasty and you can bulk them up with lots of veggies. And if I'm low on calories, I'll toss in some cooked pasta.

Also to bulk up calories a bit, try regular syrup and other full-calorie things. I know it seems like 'cheating', but it really does boost the calories a bit.

I totally get what you mean by not eating because you don't feel hungry. I get that way when I haven't eaten in a while. I can go from really hungry to being 'eh' about eating if I'm not careful. (Okay, it doesn't happen often, but when it does I know I need to eat something.)

It can be a scary thing to add calories to your diet when your goal is to lose weight. But I have noticed after many years of trying to get healthy and backsliding, that if I don't allow myself a higher calorie day once a week, I won't lose weight. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but it works for me to have a weekly meal indulgence (or at least it does so far!)

I will echo the others and suggest that you use the spark food journal to see where you should be and where you are. I find their daily feedback when I'm done tracking very helpful for meeting my goals, especially if I've been under (which I often am with fat - I need to work on meeting that range).

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9/21/10 8:52 A

I've only been doing this for a few days, but I'm with the OP, it's hard to think about eating so many calories to lose weight. These ideas are great and I will add these little items that can help add to my calorie count! The advice is just awesome!!

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9/21/10 8:13 A

There are lots of ways to add healthy, more calorie-dense foods to your diet. We are so accustomed to figuring out ways to eat high volume, low calorie foods, we sometimes forget that it's possible to eat healthy, higher calorie foods. In addition to nuts, as some have suggested, consider the following:

1) cook with olive oil and walnut oil, not cooking spray
2) add a little cheese to your salad (right now, a bit of blue cheese, sliced pear and toasted pine nuts would be fabulous)
3) snack on healthy, high fiber, high protein cereal (I like Nature's Path)
4) choose low fat instead of non-fat dairy products like yogurt, or choose really tasty full fat cheese (like parmesan or gouda) instead of tasteless non-fat cheese (one of my main techniques for getting my daily calories to the minimum range if I've miscalculated is to have an ounce of tasty cheese with an apple after dinner)
5) have a few squares of dark, high quality chocolate for dessert with some fruit
6) as others have said, add some protein: pick a healthy fish with healthy fats, like tuna, salmon etc
7) add a slightly larger serving of whole grains: don't jump from 1 cup to 2 cups of whole wheat pasta because that might make you feel too full, but you probably won't notice the difference if you jump from 1 cup to 1.5 cups of pasta (or go from 1/2 cup of brown rice to 3/4 cup)

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9/21/10 6:57 A

out and about? Carry an apple, a nutri-grain bar, a little bag of walnuts, a banana, a box of raisins... Start looking around - there's plenty of healthy choices to just throw in your bag or that require individual bagging that can be done early in the week and just taken!

There's too much TV about losing weight fast - but that's not the healthy way to lose weight. (and most of those shows have doctors and professionals watching out for the contestants). Eating the right about of calories and getting the right nutrition to fuel your body is your responsibility. And you've accepted that by coming here for help! KUDOS to you. Too little food works against your health and can cause life long problems. Make eating well a life long commitment - something you can maintain and stay with! If you're gonna do it, might as well do it right?!!! Keep in touch! Good luck with school!

ARTLOVER20 Posts: 35
9/20/10 11:14 P

Thanks everyone for the great advice. I guess just because i dont "feel" hungry i didnt see it as "starving". I have to be totally honest and say i feel... anxious about adding the calories=( But im certainly going to try. I have some protein powder that im gonna start using. And i went to the store today and bought some mixed veggies.

And the reason i eat things like chesse puffs, jello etc is because i need little quick snacks because im always "out and about", esp with college.

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9/20/10 10:27 A

Pandalarue ~ gotta repost this line by itself. Spot on!

*This isn't just about weight, it's about health, and you can't be healthy if you're starving yourself.*

9/20/10 10:00 A

You're not eating enough protein, as others have said. First of all, you need to bulk up your lunch. Include a lean protein, and also a whole grain of some kind. And for that afternoon snack, why not have a protein shake instead of the cheese puffs and Jello? Buy some whey protein powder, and put a scoop in the blender along with some milk and a banana. That will bump up your calories in a way that adds some of the nutrition you need.

I'm thinking you have an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to weight loss, as so many people do. Do you think that you have to be seriously deprived in order to lose weight? The truth is that you don't, you just need to make small changes and stick with them long-term. This isn't just about weight, it's about health, and you can't be healthy if you're starving yourself.

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9/20/10 8:25 A

Putting the body into starvation mode will hurt you long term. Please try using the SP tracker. It will take effort but at least you'll know exactly what's going on.

Good luck.

BTRTHANEVA Posts: 1,477
9/20/10 7:44 A

Good Morning!
You're getting some great feedback! That's gotta be encouraging! A great motivating tool I use is a pedometer. You said you're doing a lot of walking and dancing around the house - this can track how many steps you're getting in and you can post those on the fitness section under your tools. Keep moving! And add that protein suggestion, drink the water. Try to eat as many healthy unprocessed foods as you can ~ how about changing out those cheesey weesie things for 20 grapes, instead? Start practicing and developing an eating plan that will be with you for life! Every step you take, every pound you lose - you're getting closer to your goal. Only you can do this for yourself. Stop any negative self talk and replace it with loving kindness. You are on your way to a healthy destination- be good to yourself during the journey!


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9/20/10 12:25 A

At breakfast, you could use peanut butter or some other nut butter (or even regular dang butter) on your waffles - it really does make them taste even better. =) Also - no need to buy the "light" OJ - use the regular stuff.

For lunch, I'm guessing you're probably using light soups?? Soups are SO FILLING and if you are trying to increase your calories, you need to make sure you can have room for other stuff, so maybe ditch the soup for a while? Or make it a "normal" soup - not "diet" and eat at least two servings if it's your meal...or have 1/2 a sandwich (1 slice whole wheat bread, 1 tbsp Light (not fat-free) mayo, 1/2 slice cheese, 1.5 ounces turkey, and lettuce and tomato.

I also notice you have VERY LITTLE protein. This is very dangerous, especially if you are exercising AND under the recommended calories - your body will break down your muscles for energy if you don't have enough overall calories - this includes your heart muscle (this is independent of how much weight you have to lose - rapid weight loss means muscle loss, which will likely include your heart muscle). So add an egg or cottage cheese to breakfast, add some beans to your soup and make sure you get enough calories.

I know it's easy to think that you aren't starving because you aren't underweight/emaciated...but I've seen many women (I go to a support group) who are in your position that have been hospitalized because they are starving themselves.

Also - are you butying the "diet" jello cup? If you want jello - eat the real stuff. Better yet, how about a granola bar? Or maybe an apple + peanut butter or carrots + ranch dressing??

Wow, I'm sorry for being so long-winded!

ARTLOVER20 Posts: 35
9/20/10 12:01 A

I will definately start to add more fruits and veggies in it every serving.

I loooove dancing i always have.. Like choreographed dancing. so some days i end up dancing and learning choreo for hours. Then some days i do aerobics with a step for 30-45minutes then dance for 30. I do moderate weight lifting a few times a week, as well as light yoga.

I also go out alot with my friends, walking around outside, going to the mall etc. Usual 20 something activities, so on the days im not working out, i still try to stay pretty activite.

Other than OJ i drink milk with my cereal, or sometimes ill have some on its own. I also drink greentea. I drink mayb 4 cups of water a day. I kno i need to double that=)

BTRTHANEVA Posts: 1,477
9/19/10 11:41 P

Great for adding the almonds! How about adding some more fruit - apples, bananas - whatever's seasonal for a start and more veggies? What other beverages are your consuming besides the OJ? How much water - hydration is so important to your body!

I can see how much effort you're putting into your goal - but doing it healthfully ie. 1- 2 pounds a week is a more realistic approach - and something that will be easy to maintain when you're reached it!

Whar are you doing for exercise?

I'm just throwing things out there for you to think about... because you cared enough to ask! Good luck!

ARTLOVER20 Posts: 35
9/19/10 11:26 P

Thanks soo much... Since i am significatly overweight i never realy thought i could have an eating disorder.. i really dont wanna go down that path either.

Heres a sample:

Brkfst: two wheat waffles, 2 teaspoons sugar free syrup, 1 cup of OJ(40cal)
Lunch: Soupand/or brocolli
Snack: 20 cheese puffs, Jello cup
Dinner: 8-10 shrimp n 3/4c. brwnrice
Desert: 90 cal icecream sandwhich.
Snack: peaches

Then most days ill just snack about 1\4 c. of the almonds inbtween.

BTRTHANEVA Posts: 1,477
9/19/10 11:18 P

Most weight loss programs I've read about state that you need to injest a minimum of 1,200 calories a day. Less than that, your metabolism slows down and goes into a *starvation mode*.

If you check my SP page, you will see what starvation looks like. My then 25 yr old daughter was anorexic for 3.5 years. She's at a *healthier* weight not, but it's a struggle for her.

IMHO, I would sincerely suggest that you get some guidance about what your daily nutrition should be from a professional.

ARTLOVER20 Posts: 35
9/19/10 11:04 P

I said 50- 150 because some days i dont drink milk. Just Oj and water.

I got 2000 on a Caloric needs calculator. I need to lose about 100pounds to reach my goal weight.

ANY042000 Posts: 30
9/19/10 11:04 P

Hi. I don't know you, so I could be totally off-base, but your story sounds very similar to how my eating disorder began and I have struggled with it for almost 10 years now. =(

Anyway, I'm glad that you were able to add the almonds to your diet, that's a good sign. Eating that few calories is a dangerous game, particularly if you know you need to be eating at least 2,000. At some point, my body stopped sending hunger signals (I figure it was a result of starvation - my body "gave up" on trying to get me to eat).

I do have to challenge your statement that you are "focusing on good food groups and nutrition." If you were truly focusing on nutrition, you would give your body what it really needs, which is significantly more than you are giving it.

In my recovery, I am finding that I can't just "eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full." I don't know how to accurately interpret my body's signals. I'm not a doctor, and I can't diagnose anything, but I am just trying to share what I have gone through and that you might be on a dangerous path. You can private message me if you would like. Or you can tell me to mind my own business... =)

If you want to post a sample day of eating, we could give you feed back on how to add more.

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9/19/10 10:55 P

How many calories does SP say that you need to eat? not everyone needs to eat 2,000 cals a day for weight loss (though for some that is what is needed to maintain their weight).

It is very much possible that you are NOT eating enough to sustain the weight loss that you are looking for, that or are getting close to your body's "natural" weight at which point it will be harder to get the weight off because the body might well be happy at the weight its at.

Also milk on average has 110 calories per 8 oz glass (some its 90 or less depending on brand) so its possible that you might be getting in more calories then you think (have you tried tracking here on SP to see what you are taking in?)

CJSIMPSON135 Posts: 51
9/19/10 10:36 P

welcome to my world, I have the same problem but the way I do it is I eat small meals through out the day and that helps to keep my metabolism going, it is also a good idea to plan food ahead, I pick foods based off of calories, fat, protein and carb value days ahead of time so that I can have a balanced day of food. I pack it and the goal is by the end of the day all the food is gone

ARTLOVER20 Posts: 35
9/19/10 10:26 P

Hi im 20years old. Ive been tryna lose weight for a while now (about a year or two). July 26th i started a brand new diet and exercise plan. I workout for an hour, 5 days a week. Only eating big meals when im truly hungry, and focusing on good food groups and nutrition. Ive lost almost 27pounds and i feel great.

During the first week it was challenging on the diet part but now i can truly say im in control of my eating. That alone feels amazing. But here's the problem.

I started a food diary. I write down every thing i eat. And im only eating about 600-650 calories a day on average!Never more than 1000. I dont write down wat i drink, but i can guess about 50-150 calories in addtion, from oj and milk. Other than that i drink water and green tea. I honestly dont feel hungry or like im depriving myself. I just eat serving sizes, rarely go back for seconds, and snack carefully.

In an attempt to up my calories, last week i added almonds to my diet. I eat about two small handfuls most days. so thats about 200calories in addtion.

I know i should be eating ATLEAST 2000 calories with a SEDENTARY lifestyle. But i just dont feel like i could eat that much without forcing it down. But for the last two weeks my weightloss has been slowing/stopping. What should i do?

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