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Britomart - I agree with you - my weight fluctuates and I am an equal opportunity ignorer of the minor ups and downs that come daily and even weekly - until I see the same number or a lower one for at LEAST 3 weigh-ins, it doesn't count - I have experienced gains as big as 5-10 pounds when I am doing everything right - and then less than a week later, I have a DROP of 6-12 pounds and then it stays there for a month or so. I know I didn't gain that much and I know I didn't LOSE it either - so what I would record would be the 1-2 pound change that ends up gone. I DO experience the disappointment when the scale doesn't move but I don't really worry about it as long as I KNOW I am making healthy choices.

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8/15/12 3:51 P

emoticon With feeling better. Some weeks, your weight can fluctuate don't let it get to you.

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Here's the thing. Your reaction of disappointment is normal because of the beliefs and expectations we typically associate with scales. And that belief is strong because there's been very little to challenge it until now. The belief goes something like this:

A. Historically, we "know" that "being overweight = high scale reading".
B. Scale shows +1 pound
C. Inner judgment: "I have been bad, there is no other explanation."

But it's just a belief, a faulty one, and you can change it. To begin with, really examine that set of beliefs and question whether or not it's true. Challenge its veracity.

You're already starting to do so: you know that water/salt/TOM can make a scale go +5 pounds (or more) in either direction. So can stress, whether or not you exercised, the amount of heavy clothing or shoes you're wearing... all of that. It's not just diet cheating. Heck, maybe you gained muscle this week, that could also explain it.

And you know that you didn't cheat. But that mistaken belief persists. CHUCK IT OUT, get rid of that faulty belief, don't rely on it or invest in it. Certainly do not allow a mistaken belief to make you feel bad or angry about yourself.

Start looking to your more reliable measures of how you're doing. How you feel, the looseness of your clothes, the knowledge that you HAVE done extremely well.

Soon the scale won't matter so much. It's just one measurement out of many, and quite often it's measuring other things that can make our internal judgments go all wonky.

It takes time, and honest questioning, to change our deeply held beliefs. Especially the ones that we've lived with so long that they run off a script, or like a plane on autopilot. But they're just beliefs, they're not facts and they're not truths.

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When you routinely practice your healthy habits, your scale will always fluctuate, but you will keep your lost weight off. Don't let that scale tell you how you feel about yourself. One pound in the scheme of things is not bad, if we all only gained one pound, we wouldn't be here. It is when we easily gain 10, 20 or more. Cut yourself some slack, and let the "old you" go...the one that nags you and tells you "See, I told you we should have just had that piece of cake, what does it matter anyway?" Also, did you eat an additional 3500 calories? Probably not, and that is a you really didn't gain any fat...and that is the most important part. Relax and enjoy the will get there!

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Don't claim the pound. Since you know your weight fluctuates, just ignore this blip on the screen. I never accept a gain (or loss...have to be fair!) till I've held it for three weigh-ins. I'm looking for trends--as I know you are.

So...concentrate on your PROCESS, and let the pounds take care of themselves.

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I totally get what you're saying! I'm in a bit of a plateau right now, and my weight always goes up after working out, so I need two non-workout days to get a reasonable weigh-in, but that hasn't happened in a couple weeks since I upped my workout days!

Healthy choices and actions will lead to healthier beings! I just tell myself I'll lose a big chunk suddenly- our bodies are responding to our hard work and getting ready to dump a bunch of fat at once :P

Glad you feel good otherwise- stick with it! We'll both see our results :)

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I get it, your weight fluctuates. When you are a woman it does so even more because of TOM. I get it, the scale should not be your measure of success. I gained a pound this week and it STILL bugs me. I am doing everything right, eating healthy, working out. Hey go check my trackers if you want. I still gained a pound. humph! I like it better when the scale moves the other way dag nabbit! It just makes my heart sink a little. Last week I lost weight and didn't even go to the gym because I had a bad virus with a fever. So frustrating to me.

I'll get over it. I am not going to stop doing what I am doing just cuz I gained a pound but sheesh!!

On a positive note, I feel awesome, I am sleeping better and my Crohn's is loving my healthy eating plan! I just need to let go of my pride and vanity and accept the fact that my scale is broken (just kidding). Accept the fact that I am making positive changes for my body!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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