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10/6/09 8:11 A

I love peanut butter. I have actually considered banning it from my house so I quit eating it. However it has never been to the point you are speaking of. I really think you need to see a professional and get some help with this.

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10/6/09 12:04 A

Peanut butter is one of my favs but I went to the AEarth Fare store, a natural food store and they have a grinder and I tried almond butter. Its pretty good but you have to get use to it. Since it is not srocessed it is different but I had no problem getting use to it. You can make butter there out of any nut and it is even better for you than the store bought butters, check the sodium on the store bought butters. Then compared it to the one you grind yourself

L : )

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10/5/09 1:49 A

So, does your stomach hurt after you eat all this? How are you able to run with all that food in you?

I am a runner and most marathoners I know can hardly run on a full stomach, though they probably consume around 3,000 calories per day. However, they are only marathoning (26 miles) once a week at most. Maybe they'll be doing little 5 mile maintenance runs once or twice a week.

It does sound like you have some issues with food and exercise. Try your hardest to stick to a 2,000 calorie per day plan and do only 60 mins max on the treadmill 5 days a week - no more. It'll be hard if your issues are really as bad as you say, but it will get easier after a while.

If this continues, you need to see a doctor because this is not a healthy way to live. It's just not.

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8/5/09 11:41 A

I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor, but It sounds like your body is craving more fat, sugar, and calories to make up for all the hard workouts you are putting it through... It sounds like PB is something in your house that your body knows will quickly fill that void. I don't know what kind of PB you are eating, but chances are it is high in sugar and probably not too healthy. I would get rid of the PB and replace it with an all natural PB (you will probably not be able to eat as much since the lack of sugar in it will not be as addictive). I would also add some raw nuts, avocado, and oils to your diet. Try almonds, walnuts, or brazil nuts. They are heart healthy and may provide your body with some of the healthy fats it needs and is craving. Don't be afraid of fat. Fat in our diet does not make us fat -- in fact our brains need it to function properly. I also trim the fat off meat like you do, but I make sure that I consume raw nuts, avocado, salmon, and olive oil for the healthy types of fats. I find that on the days when I forget to eat a serving of nuts or olive oil I feel ravenous... (For me walnuts in particular seem to be incredible at satiating my appetite -- I buy single serving packages of raw walnuts from Trader Joes -- I mix it into a yogurt or cottage cheese and I'm good to go).

As for the physical pain you are having, I do think you should see a doctor to see what they recommend. I feel bad for you with the intestinal issues and toe issues. While you are there, ask to get some blood tests done to see if your body is having some deficiencies. Good luck to you.

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8/5/09 2:50 A

When I don't eat the peanut butter, I don't sleep due to loud hunger; real peanut butter, fat and all, is the only thing that cures the hunger. I do what I do so that I may get some sleep.
I mix it with PB2 and switch to PB2 when I feel my will slipping; it doesn't stop it.
This is physical, more than simply craving, like how people crave sweets.

And I need that source of fat so that I can..EVENTUALLY restart my period. Though I don't know how I will be able to while treadmilling like this everytime small amounts of peanut butter work for me at night.

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8/3/09 12:55 P

There also is a product that might help you its called PB2. Made by defatting peanuts into a powdered form. It has 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter and also comes in a choc PB version as well.

I found with trigger foods that, I did completely have to purge them as I started my journey. Once I had developed good habits and left behind some of the destructive behaviours that kept derailing my efforts I was able to experiment with re-introducing some of these foods back into my life and eating plan.

In a healthy lifestyle eating plan there should be nothing excluded, its all about moderation and balance.

I heartily agree with Nancy however, you should see an MD regarding this. There could be underlying medical issues that are contributing.

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8/3/09 11:29 A

I agree. Throw it out and don't buy it anymore.

Lots of us have trigger foods. You can do a search and read lots of threads about it. I love sweets/baked goods. I can't tell you when the last time I bought cookies was. Because if they're in the pantry I will want them, and eat them. I love ice cream so I don't buy it. I will on occasion get a cone from McD's because it's reduced fat, portion controled and only 150 calories.

I have noticed that when my weight loss stalls it's because I have been eating more treats--carbs/sugars. When I eat them, my stomach rumbles like yours. I want more even though I'm not truely hungry. I get cravings that are hard to ignore. So I try to stay away from them all as much as possible...but not all together. I have to learn to find some kind of balance.

Also, 700 calories is a lot to burn in one workout! Did you input that into SP when you entered your weight, etc? Burning that much will change your requirements for calorie intake so be sure you have that in SP. When you enter how many pounds you want to loose, SP will tell you how many calories you will need to burn each day/week. If you go too far over this your body may have a hard time adjusting and try to hold on to your weight. You need to find a balance between overdoing your workouts and under/over eating.

I applaud your efforts for exercise and eating healhty. Great job. Keep it up!

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8/3/09 3:06 A


You need to go cold turkey on the peanut butter, it is obviously a trigger food for you, and if you eat 2000 calories per day from peanut butter alone, that is very unhealhty.
You could seek help for your problems, like suggested. It sounds like a mental addiction.

My advice would be to throw out all the peanut butter and not buy it again. Make sure you eat enough and follow the SP calorie guidelines. Be sure you are satisfied. Browse the SP recipe site for a substitute to put your carrot sticks in. A nice hummus or Tzaziki recipe maybe?

GOOD LUCK girl! Hands of the peanut butter!!!

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8/3/09 12:42 A


Have you sought help from your doctor or a professional to guide you through these issues? These issues sound as though they are well beyond the scope of what SparkPeople can help you.

I wish you well!

Below is a link as to where you can seek help if you are not too sure where to go.

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8/3/09 12:37 A

Every single time I think about peanut butter: my stomach starts to rumble, I start salivating, and my mind races with thoughts of gorging on peanut butter.
Peanut butter seems to be the only cure for these symptoms, typically in doses as high as (LIKE JUST NOW!!) half a jar; sometimes eating the peanut butter actually makes the symptoms worse. and worse. and worse, before getting better.
And I can't sleep with these symptoms.
I treadmill off a minimum of 700 calories every day (starting out with 1750) to deal.
I am already having issues with overeating and constantly eating.
I only eat fruit, vegetables (mostly), meat with all the fat cut off, and my morning oat cereal; I easily rack up 100 grams in fiber some days, despite opposing efforts,
and yet I am having these hunger problems, which seem to explode when I think about peanut butter.
I have many physical ailments, such as painful large intestine ulcers and frequent urges to pee, so treadmilling isn't the most fun I have, and I am very perticular (nearly OCD-ish) about the way my shoes fit and I must re-cotton/bandage my toes/bulging veins every day which takes hours in of itself, before I spend what is sometimes hours more on my treadmill.
This problem is crippling my life; I want to spend less time prepping for and actually treadmilling, as well as "hanging out in the kitchen all day,"
but the problem is physical.
My mom thinks it has to do with my period desperately trying to restart (havn't menstruated since last December) and my previous diet was not only too low in calories but lacked fat. Another addition is the fact that I recently went off a prescription that I've taken since I was a kid which has the side effect of acting like an appetite-suppressant, which I've gone off cold-turkey. I treadmill, prep for treadmill with my bandages and shoe-tying, and eat, instead of expanding my mind and being with my family, who probably respect me less now. I want to eat less but these hunger problems.. what do I do about these hunger problems? (Appetite-suppressants have bad side effects.)

Edit: I ate about half a jar of peanut butter (1470 calories right there) with a couple large carrots half an hour ago, despite my 1312-calorie "breakfast" which already contained peanut butter. I'll be eating a lot more before bed.

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