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8/26/13 4:28 A

I find that if I resist the craving, it goes away. If I give in to it, I want the whole bag - and then I crave them more...

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8/26/13 4:17 A

As long as it is only one packet go for it but stop there

Trev, Kent Southeast UK

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8/26/13 2:44 A

Have some if you are craving them. Just keep stay your cal range.
Keep the skins on, sometimes it is the potassium in there that our bodies want, and have some omega 3.
Salty cravings sometimes indicate that we need some fish/flax oil.
Found the recipe for amazing sweet potato chips with rosemary (ovenbaked) on SparkSo check out those recipies...

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8/26/13 12:17 A

I guess we have to condition our bodies not to crave "bad foods". Good luck in overcoming your cravings!!!!

Janie Garcia Moreno




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8/25/13 6:37 P

It seems like if you keep those kinds of things out of your diet entirely, the cravings go away.

Have you ever made baked fries? You cut up a potato as for French fries (I like to scrub the skin and leave it on, unless I am in a country where potatoes are treated with a lot of chemicals) and roast them on a cookie sheet with some non-fat spray. If you add garlic powder and a tiny bit of salt, they taste great. Not sodium free obviously, but you can control the salt this way.

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8/25/13 6:26 P

I love chips, especially BBQ Lays

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/25/13 1:07 P

Would you be able to make a healthier substitute, like baking chips in the oven or microwave?

I used to crave and dream about potato chips also but that just eventually went away as life changed.

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8/25/13 9:51 A

I share that affliction.

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8/25/13 5:04 A

I crave them like ALL the time but I can't have them all the time because of all that fat and salt, not to mention phosphate and potassium! I'm a dialysis patient and I can't have too much water too, bcoz eating too many chips makes you thirsty!

I will occasionally buy a small pack, eat it, savor it, enjoy it, then stop. But the next day, I will crave it again. I try not to make a regular thing of it but I keep on dreaming about it! Sigh!

Then when my Mom buys some, I will eat some. I can't keep doing this or I'll start putting on weight! Sigh! And I love chips so much! Not to mention french fries! I just love fried potato things!

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